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Raider.IO Year in Review: 2023

Let's take a look back at what 2023 meant for Raider.IO!

An Inside Look at Private Auras

Patch 10.1 saw the introduction of Private Auras - abilities that could not be tracked via Addons or WeakAuras. Only three mechanics were hidden this way in Aberrus, but the upcoming raid promises to have at least 20 of them. How impactful are Private Auras? Will Amirdrassil become a repeat of the Echo of Neltharion dilemma? Join us for an inside look!

Raider.IO Classic is HERE!

We recently teased the arrival of Raider.IO Classic, and we're thrilled to announce it's already HERE! Information on Characters, Guilds, and Realms previously unavailable can now be found in one central hub. We're also bringing our Recruitment System to Classic to make it easier to find and build your Community. Read on to learn more!

ANNOUNCING: Raider.IO & Keystone.Guru Come to Classic WoW!

With the launch of the Official Hardcore Realms coming later today, Raider.IO is excited to announce our expansion into Classic WoW! Character, Guild and Realm data will be available at your fingertips, as well as other tools and features, including the Raider.IO Recruitment System. We're kicking it off with the introduction of the Keystone.Guru Classic Maps...Check it out!

WoW and Ukraine: How to Support War Relief Efforts

Today, Blizzard announced a limited edition Pet Pack that players can purchase to directly support war relief efforts in Ukraine through BlueCheck. With the Pet Pack's celebrity endorsement from Mila Kunis and spirits raised by the recent Ukrainian WoW Community Mythic+ Tournament, players from across the globe are banding together in support of Ukraine. Click here to learn more about how to get involved in the cause!

China Secures the World First Mythic +20 of Dragonflight Season 1

With uncertainty shrouding the future of WoW in China, we are thrilled to announce that the World First +20 key of Dragonflight was secured by a talented CN Mythic+ team — several minutes ahead of their OCE competitors! To learn more about their key-pushing experience, read on for some thoughts from the team’s Protection Paladin 光光Hikari, and Preservation Evoker 蘭兰兰! (内有简体中文翻译)

New Raid Progression Features and Stream Widgets!

We are proud to unveil even more features on the Raider.IO Website to help you track your raid progression, and even more Stream Widgets that you can use on your own Stream for your viewers to track your raid progression in an easy to see manner!

Survival Hunter Solos +15 Tyrannical General Kaal

A Survival Hunter solos the final boss of the Sanguine Depths.

Raider.IO RWF Giveaway & Stream Widgets!

This RWF, we're celebrating in style by bringing you some exciting new features to use on your own streams, as well as a giveaway! Check it out!

Exorsus: An Exalted Raiding History Comes to an End

Top guild Exorsus is significantly cutting down on their raiding days, effectively retiring from the Race to World First, and we take a look at their announcement and a trip through their history.

World First Mythic+ 27 Completed!

Another milestone has fallen in Mythic+, as a Mythic +27 has been cleared in Plaguefall!

INSIDE SCOOP: Blizzard's New Mythic+ Scoring System

Blizzard is launching a new in-game Mythic+ Scoring System with Patch 9.1: Chains of Domination. We've got the inside track on this new system, and we will be bringing you details on how it works as it develops!

Mists of Tirna Scithe +17 Solo Clear in 6.5 Hours

A Blood DK has taken down Mists of Tirna Scithe on their own, taking around 6 and a half hours to do so and we get to see it all in 6 minutes!

APRIL FOOLS: Patch 9.1 Seasonal Affix Discovered?

A Raider.IO Exclusive! HUGE NEWS! We think we may have stumbled upon the Shadowlands Season 2 Seasonal Mythic+ Affix. Read here to learn all about "Imprisoned"!

A Crazy Week of Mythic+: The Impact of Valor Points

The first week of the patch and the Valor Point system has been very hectic, so we're taking a look at everything that happened and how it impacted the Mythic+ scene.

Team Spotlight: Ambition

Today, we shine a light on Team "Ambition", comprised of several MDI and high Mythic+ veterans: Asuna, Ellesmere, Heftyjuggz, Jpc, and Nerfmeta. Check out this exclusive interview to learn about their secrets to success!

Updated: Big Changes to Your First Weekly Keystone Coming in Patch 9.0.5

The 9.0.5 patch notes detail some significant changes to how the first weekly keystone players receive will work.

World First Mythic+ 26 Completed by Chinese Team, Video Included!

Chinese team consisting of Raincloudy, 杰克丶, Himelody, Starsfireman, and 最靓蘑菇头 have just timed the World First +26 shortly after their World First +25 two and a half weeks ago!

Raid and Dungeon BlizzConline Highlights

Quick look at some of the BlizzConline news highlights pertaining to raiding, dungeons, and Mythic+!

World First Mythic+ 25 Completed by Chinese Team!

The Mythic+ 25 barrier is down with another best for Shadowlands Season 1!

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