World First Mythic+ 27 Completed!

The Mythic+ barrier keeps moving further and further up, and we're not even in Season 2 yet! It's been a while since we've seen a highest key World First, almost 2 months since the +26 in fact, as the last couple of top level WF clears have been done by Chinese teams. We're back to NA realms this time around though, as the team of Nerfmeta, Ellesmêre, Asûna, Jpc and Onezyd have pushed past the 26 limit and taken down Plaguefall at the highest level in Shadowlands so far: +27. Let's check out the statistics of the run first, with the team having an average item level of 228:

Moving on to the actual videos of the run, we take a look at a few different perspectives, starting with the healer, Ellesmêre:

For the ranged DPS perspective, we have video from Asûna:

And finally the melee perspective from Jpc :

Huge congrats to the team for this awesome accomplishment, and we're certainly looking forward to seeing what else is possible in Shadowlands Season 1 as we wait for 9.1!