World First Mythic+ 26 Completed by Chinese Team, Video Included!

We're pushing higher and higher here in Shadowlands Season 1, as another World First has arrived! It's been just over 2 and a half weeks since we saw the +25 go down, and now the same team of Raincloudy, 杰克丶, Himelody, Starsfireman and 最靓蘑菇头 have done it again, replicating their Necrotic Wake clear one key higher. This sees us move even further away from Battle for Azeroth's Season 1 which ended at a +22 maximum, and there's still plenty of time left to go even further.

You can check out the full video of the clear here! Just click on the image below to head to Douyu, the Chinese streaming platform:

Also, here's some analysis of the World First +26, as Dratnos goes into the details:

Dratnos' Thoughts
For the third or fourth milestone in a row, we have a World First achieved just before the weekly reset over on the Chinese servers. It's the same team as last time, running the same composition, in the same dungeon. It's no surprise that this was the dungeon, as 19 of the top 20 timed keys at the moment happened in either Necrotic Wake or Plaguefall, the two dungeons where serious damage can be dealt to enemies through dungeon mechanics. These mechanics scale with keystone level and effectively mean the DPS checks scale less with key level than they do in the other dungeons, which becomes very pronounced at the bleeding edge.

Little has changed about the composition that this team ran since last time - they're still using the Vengeance tank, Holy Paladin healer, and Fire/Balance/Outlaw DPS composition, and their covenants remain Fae on the Moonkin and the Mage, Kyrian on the others. We're starting to reach very optimized levels of gear and the full access to every 226 conduit and every Soulbind trait, so it's tough to tell whether this incredible +26 level will be the ceiling for the season or whether teams may be able to push it even further - perhaps next Fortified week, when the other affixes (Bursting and Volcanic) are among the most favorable for it!

In closing, big congratulations to the team once again and thanks to the Raider.IO Client for helping us spot the clear!