Break the Meta RETURNS for Dragonflight Season 1!

Blizzard recently announced the pending launch of Patch 10.1: Embers of Neltharion. It’s just around the corner, so we figured we’d say goodbye to the inaugural Season of Dragonflight in true Raider.IO style… with Break the Meta!

It’s been fun to watch the meta evolve over the course of Season 1, but now it’s time to smash it to pieces! We’ve got some awesome prizes lined up, including another opportunity to earn the Thundering Banner of the Aspects, the exclusive in-game toy available via participation in this Season’s WoW Esports program. If you didn’t get a chance to earn it from the MDI, Last Stand or AWC, this is your chance!

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About the Event

Break the Meta is a Push-Week Event that we developed to showcase and highlight each Season’s off-meta specs and classes. It’s time for Guardian Druids, Frost DKs, and Survival Hunters to get a little love. During the Competition Period, completing keystones on LIVE servers with a group made up entirely of the BTM-Eligible Specs, a dungeon that is referred to as BTM-Eligible will earn you a spot on the BTM Leaderboards. If you register for the Event via the BTM Registration Form, you’ll also be eligible to win some amazing prizes, including the Thundering Banner of the Aspects! Based on feedback from the last BTM, we’ve extended the event to cover two full weekly resets this time around, so that you have a chance to run BTM keystones in both Tyrannical and Fortified weeks!

The Competition Period lasts for the following dates:

Americas & Oceania: April 18 - May 1*, 2023
Europe: April 19 - May 2*, 2023
Korea & Taiwan: April 20 - May 3*, 2023

*NOTE: BTM would normally last until the weekly reset, but Blizzard has announced that the Mythic+ Season will be ending at 10:00pm server time the night before 10.1 launches in each region. The Competition Period in each region will end when the Mythic+ Season closes.

We will have a Break the Meta Leaderboard that you can use to keep track of your progress throughout the event. It will only show BTM-Eligible runs: Timed Runs that are made up entirely of the eligible specs listed below. You can also filter the Leaderboard by all of the usual selections, such as Regions, Brackets, Factions, etc. Keep an eye out on our Twitter and Discord for the link!

We strongly recommend that you run with Live Tracking enabled in your Raider.IO Desktop Client to ensure that all your runs are properly tracked and verified! Read more about this feature here.


We’re happy to announce that we will have three separate prize offerings for this event, each with a different way to win them! There’s prizes for players of all level and skill.

Each Blizzard Account is only eligible for one of each of the different prize offerings.

Thundering Banner of the Aspects

Earn this sweet in-game reward by completing 2 BTM-Eligible Runs at +15 or higher!

We are again partnering with Blizzard for BTM to provide players another opportunity to earn the Thundering Banner of the Aspects! This in-game toy was made available to participants of the various WoW Esports programs this Season, including the MDI, the Last Stand, and AWC. However, those opportunities to get the exclusive toy have come and gone, so we’re excited to provide one more chance to collect this awesome in-game item through BTM!

Register for the event and complete 2 or more BTM-Eligible timed keystones at level +15 or higher during the Competition Period, and the Thunder Banner of the Aspects will be automatically added to your collection in-game within 30 days of the conclusion of the event.

World of Warcraft Game Time

Break the Meta is, after all, a competition, so we will be awarding prizes to the winners! The players who achieve the highest Mythic+ Character Score for each of the eligible specializations will win 60 days of WoW Game Time. There will be one winner per spec for the NA, EU, and TW regions, for a total of 54 winners.

BTM Prize Bundle

We like being able to have one prize that does not have any requirements in terms of keystone levels or Raider.IO Score, to give all players an opportunity to win something. This Season, we’re offering the BTM Prize Bundle, a collection of the following wonderful in-game prizes:

  • 60 days World of Warcraft Game Time
  • The NEW Waveborne Diplomat’s Regalia Transmog set
  • The Fireplume Regalia Transmog set
  • The Heart of the Aspects Blizzard Store Mount
  • The Soul of the Aspects Blizzard Store Pet

In order to win the BTM Prize Bundle, you must complete BTM-Eligible dungeons during the Competition Period while using the Raider.IO Client with Live Tracking enabled. Every dungeon completed following these requirements earns you 1 entry into the raffle, and one lucky winner will be chosen after the event ends! This prize is only available to players in the NA, EU, and TW regions.

⚠️Dungeons without Live Tracking will not count as an entry for the BTM Prize Bundle.⚠️

How To Enter

BTM participation will be on an individual basis, and completed via the BTM Registration Form. This means that you can play with any number of people throughout the event in various groups, and it will not affect your prize eligibility or progress. Registration is open NOW and will close at 11:59pm PDT on May 5th, 2023.

Eligible Specs

The eligible BTM specs are made up of the bottom 50% of specs when sorted by class frequency and looking at keystones at +20 and higher. Some adjustments were made based on class representation in higher keys as well. Each class has at least one spec available to compete, and we hope this methodology provides a good representation of the classes and specs that are considered “off-meta” or lesser-used by the community at large.

In order for a keystone to be considered BTM-Eligible, it must be completed in time and made up of ONLY the following eligible specs:

Affliction Warlock Discipline Priest Brewmaster Monk
Arcane Mage Holy Paladin Guardian Druid
Arms Warrior Holy Priest Vengeance Demon Hunter
Assassination Rogue Mistweaver Monk
Devastation Evoker
Elemental Shaman
Feral Druid
Fire Mage
Frost Death Knight
Survival Hunter
Unholy Death Knight

Watch BTM Cast LIVE on Twitch!

During the last Break the Meta, we introduced a streamed broadcast element, and we’re happy to announce that we’re bringing that back again for Dragonflight! Throughout the competition, we have a handful of WoW streamers act as our BTM Broadcasters. They will be simultaneously streaming the LIVE streams of BTM competitors and providing commentary over your dungeon runs, all on the front page of Raider.IO!

Make sure you Register early for a chance to have your stream chosen by our amazing casters, and get some new eyes on your stream!

🚨Only streams with !BTM in the stream title will be Broadcasted.🚨

We strongly recommend that you run with Live Tracking enabled in your Raider.IO Desktop Client to ensure that all your runs are properly tracked and verified! Read more about this feature here.


  • Break the Meta is open to players in all regions other than China.
  • In order for a run to be BTM-eligible, the dungeon must be completed in time and every player in the group must have completed the dungeon in one of the eligible specializations.
  • Each Blizzard Account is only eligible for one of each of the different prizes.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any run for any reason.
  • To be eligible for prizes you must register via the Break the Meta Registration Form before registration closes at 11:59pm PDT on May 5th, 2023.
  • Prizes other than the Thundering Banner of the Aspects will be distributed via the Discord Account or Email provided during Registration. If we do not hear back from you within 48 hours of attempting to award you a prize, then your prizes will be forfeited.
  • Prize offerings other than the Banner are available only to players in the NA, EU, and TW regions. The Banner is available to players in all game regions.

Winners will be contacted by May 8th, 2023.

Time to dust off those off-meta characters and show the world that unconventional group comps can still smash keys! Get out there and Break the Meta!

Questions? Join us on our Discord server in the #break-the-meta-df1 channel.

Looking for a Group to play with? We recommend checking out the Mythic Plus Friends Discord!

Good luck to all competitors!