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An Inside Look: Private Auras Spotted in Mythic+ on The War Within Alpha

It appears that the infamous Private Auras will be making their return in Dragonflight...and not just in raids. With Private Auras being spotted in Mythic+ on The War Within Alpha, let's dive in and discuss this issue and its possible ramifications.

Mythic Raiding and Progression: Is the Bar too High?

Throughout WoW's illustrious history, high-end raiding has been revered as the pinnacle of glory for many players, and other MMO's strive to emulate the complexity of WoW's final bosses. But is there a darker side to it all? Has the barrier to entry for Mythic progression become too steep? Join us for an inside look!

RWF Retrospective: Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope

The Race to World First of Amirdrassil has come to an end, but what made this race unique? From intense fights and interesting boss tuning to Racial abilities, WeakAuras and Augvokers, we'll take a deeper look into the intricacies behind this exciting RWF.

An Inside Look at Private Auras

Patch 10.1 saw the introduction of Private Auras - abilities that could not be tracked via Addons or WeakAuras. Only three mechanics were hidden this way in Aberrus, but the upcoming raid promises to have at least 20 of them. How impactful are Private Auras? Will Amirdrassil become a repeat of the Echo of Neltharion dilemma? Join us for an inside look!

An Inside Look at the Upcoming Augmentation Evoker Changes

With a slew of changes and bug fixes coming in the next server maintenance, one of the classes receiving attention is the brand new Augmentation Evoker support spec. Today, let's take an inside look at the implications of these changes for Augmentation Evoker. Will these changes be taking this spec in the right direction as a support role? Read on for more.

The RWF and Dungeons: Why Top Guilds Spam Mythic+

During the RWF, it often seems like players spend a large chunk of time doing tasks and chores that are adjacent to raiding rather than actually progressing on a new boss. Why is that? Why are some players doing keys while the rest of their team is raiding? Read on to learn why RWF guilds spend so much time in dungeons!

An Inside Look: Aberrus Loot Changes and the Return of Rare Items

Patch 10.1 and Aberrus are less than a week away, and with that comes a handful of loot changes that may affect early gearing and “split runs” in the RWF. Join us for an inside look at how tier sets, the omnitoken, and rare items will work in Aberrus!

Group Loot in Vault of the Incarnates: Do We Like It?

After two expansions of forced Personal Loot, Dragonflight opted to implement Group Loot with no trade restrictions instead. The aim was to give players more control over loot distribution in raids...but was it a success? Today we explore the pros and cons of the loot system in Vault of the Incarnates, the impact on tier sets, and how things could be improved in the future.

Dragonflight Season 1: Mythic+ Affixes

Are you ready for the new Seasonal Affix, Thundering? In this guide, learn about all of the Affixes you'll encounter in Dragonflight Mythic+!

Exploring the Pros and Cons of a Borrowed Power System

Borrowed power has been a heated topic since the beginning of Legion, and we have yet to see such a system emerge in Dragonflight thus far. Today, we discuss what borrowed power means, give an overview of what the game was like before and after borrowed power systems were implemented, and explore the various pros and cons. Read on to learn more!

An Inside Look: Mythic Vault of the Incarnates

With Dragonflight launching next month, beta testing of Vault of the Incarnates has seemingly concluded. Previously, we shared a three-part miniseries with our first look at the instance’s bosses on Heroic mode. Today, we report the changes to each of the 7 beta-tested bosses of Vault of the Incarnates from Heroic to Mythic difficulty.

An Inside Look: Vault of the Incarnates - Part 3

Last week on the Dragonflight Beta, we had a chance to test several of the new raid encounters of Vault of Incarnates and form some first impressions. In Part 3 of this mini-series, learn more about Sennarth and The Primal Council!

An Inside Look: Vault of the Incarnates - Part 2

Last week on the Dragonflight Beta, we had a chance to test several of the new raid encounters of Vault of Incarnates and form some first impressions. In Part 2 of this mini-series, learn more about Dathea, Kurog Grimtotem, and Broodkeeper Diurna!

An Inside Look: Vault of the Incarnates - Part 1

Last week on the Dragonflight Beta, we had a chance to test several of the new raid encounters of Vault of Incarnates and form some first impressions. In Part 1 of this mini-series, learn more about Eranog and Terros!

Untested Bosses: Analysis and Implications for the Sepulcher RWF

The RWF of Sepulcher of the First Ones is sure to be a special tier with the final 3 bosses not receiving PTR testing, one boss being substantially reworked after PTR testing concluded, and the untested bosses being unavailable until Mythic difficulty opens. Based on responses from top raiders, this article analyzes and predicts the trajectory of this RWF in regard to tuning and balancing, and the challenges that await competitors when approaching the 3 untested bosses for the very first time.

Patch 9.2: What's New for Mythic+ and Raiding?

With Patch 9.2 right around the corner, there are many exciting new developments coming to raiding and Mythic+, such as double legendaries, tier set bonuses, a new seasonal Mythic+ affix, two new Mythic+ dungeons, and more. How do we obtain double legendaries, and how will they affect the Race to World First? What gear is worth farming from Tazavesh? Read on for our inside look!

Cross-Faction Instances: Endgame Implications

One of the hottest topics throughout the ages is finally becoming a reality in Patch 9.2.5: Cross-faction Instances! Today, we’ll be taking a look at some implications of this new feature in endgame content and why it is likely to be a huge gamechanger.

An Inside Look: Encrypted - Patch 9.2 Seasonal Affix (PTR)

This week marked the moment that Mythic+ enthusiasts have all been waiting for: Encrypted, the new Mythic+ affix of Season 3 was announced and added to the PTR for testing! Today, we’ll be analyzing everything we know about Encrypted in its current iteration. Read on for our inside look!

Old Raids, New Challenges

With rising interaction between players and developers at large, it is prime time to discuss our latest take: Bring back some of WoW's most amazing old raids as new, CURRENT content. Want to know how we envision an ICC remake that is thematic, lore-appropriate, challenging, and timely? What about a modern-day Nighthold? Read on!

World First +30 Keystone: Shadowlands Edition

The World First +30 Keystone of Shadowlands has been completed! In less than one year since the launch of the expansion, the intrepid crew of Andybrew (Cptrogers), Thaner, Wildi, Speed (Childintime), and Ramfamz have managed to pull off this remarkable achievement. Want to know how they did it? Read on for our detailed analysis!

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