Mythic+ 101: Understanding Your Role

Mythic+ provides a way for players to engage in progressively more challenging content to have fun, to earn better loot, and to improve their skills. While the system is officially called the Mythic Keystone system, the community has latched onto calling it "Mythic Plus", "Mythic+", or sometimes just "M+".

The goal of our Mythic+ 101 series is to provide new players with the foundation they need to get started in Mythic+. This series is a collaboration between Raider.IO and the Mythic+ Friends Discord.

In the previous chapter, we discussed networking and netiquette. Here in Chapter 5, we help you understand your role in the key and what you can bring to the group as a whole.

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  What are Roles in Mythic+? [back to top]

When joining a group, you will generally select the role you wish to play. These roles are tanking, damage (often referred to as DPS), and healing. While these roles sound simple enough on the surface, each role comes with unspoken expectations on what tasks they are expected to perform for a Mythic+ group. Some jobs or roles may also vary depending on if you are with a set team, or with a pug. While it is important to know what you should provide the group in advance, pugs are notorious for having less communication, so it is good to know the basics before getting started.

  Tank [back to top]

Tanking in a dungeon is not as simple as “running in first”. Oftentimes, especially in a pug, the tank is viewed as the leader of the group. This is because the tank usually controls the pace of the key and the dungeon route as they pick up enemy mobs.

As a tank, it is helpful to have a basic understanding of the dungeon before starting Mythic+. You should try to know at least one pathway through the dungeon to get full mob count (enemy forces), and know the mechanics of most trash mobs. Knowing what spells to interrupt is also a part of dungeon knowledge, and tanks frequently lead the interrupt order. This may sound intimidating, but practice makes perfect and clear communication is key! For more helpful information on dungeon mechanics, Weekly Routes, interrupt trackers, and more, please refer back to Chapter 2 of this 101 series!

Health and damage taken management is a priority as a tank. Mitigating damage effectively can help your group perform their individual roles as they will spend less time supporting you. Tanks also need to be able to do enough damage to maintain threat. Additionally, tanks may need to “kite” away from a group of engaged mobs as another means of survival on a more difficult pull. We will discuss these topics further in the next chapter of this 101 series coming on July 2nd.

  Damage (DPS) [back to top]

Damage dealers have a large impact in a dungeon group since they make up 3 of the 5 members. These players are responsible for effectively killing the enemy mobs. In Mythic+ dungeons, meeting damage checks can be important, especially when your group starts to push higher key levels. Meeting a damage check can range from anything from killing a dangerous mob before it wipes your group, to killing a boss before it hits its enrage timer, or simply completing a dungeon within the time limit.

Beyond raw numbers, DPS players are also usually responsible for interrupting, and crowd control along with the tank. Crowd control can help your tank survive or make a dangerous pack of enemies more manageable overall. Some routes also rely on crowd control for skips, which we will cover in a later chapter of this 101 series. It can be helpful for DPS players to have a basic understanding of each dungeon so they can be more aware of dangerous enemies and which of the related mechanics to keep under control.

  Healer [back to top]

As a general rule, the healer's job is to keep the group alive. Knowing when periods of high incoming damage will occur is a huge advantage to a healer who wants to start pushing keys. The ability to dispel debuffs is also important as a healer as many dungeon enemies will debuff your party. Knowing which debuffs to dispel and which ones to ignore can sometimes make the difference between the success or failure of a given pull or even the key as a whole.

There will be some intervals where healing is not as intense, and in these cases, healers can also contribute to the group by doing some damage to the enemy bosses or trash packs. Because Mythic + is an activity done on a timer, a little extra damage periodically can go a long way in helping the group progress. At higher key levels, healer DPS during “downtime” may even be necessary to meet the dungeon’s time limit.

  Other Roles [back to top]

Depending on a group’s dynamic and composition, there may be other roles a player can fill. We already mentioned group leadership, which is often a tanks responsibility in a pug setting. However, anyone can fill a leadership role for the team.

Some other roles that may be found in a group are as follows:

  • Designated battle res
  • Covenant ability responsibilities (such as controlling the Loyal Stoneborn gargoyles in Halls of Atonement)
  • Planning/strategy (with a dedicated team)
  • Shotcalling (much like a raid leader making vocal calls in a large raid group)

  Key Takeaways [back to top]

The biggest takeaway to understanding your role in Mythic+ should be that, while there are unspoken expectations connected to each role, they are expectations and not requirements. The best thing you can do to heighten your success in Mythic+ is to come prepared and be well-informed, so feel free to take on more responsibilities in a group as you see fit!

Up Next

The next several chapters will take a deeper dive into each of the roles of a Mythic+ group: Tanking, DPS, and Healing. Take your tanking to the next level in Chapter 6!

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