Ludicrous Speed is the place Aspyr and Ulsoga call home. We are a horde guild from the (US) Skullcrusher realm and have been fighting the good fight since 2007. That is 15 years of laughing in the face of warp speed. We first slayed Ragnaros before he had legs and years later when he sprouted them. In the future who knows how many more appendages Rag will grow, but we will be there to cut them off.

We really pride ourselves on having a lot of fun guild culture events, such as:

Annual Blizzcon Guild Meetups (13 guildies in 2016!)

IRL Guild T-shirts. We've had two official designs over the past two years, and plan to continue this tradition:

Yearly In-game "Winter Veil" Gift Swap

Special End of Expansion Mega-Events (Read about our end-of-Draenor event here )

Weekly "Wowerball" Guild Lottery (Have a chance to win big!)

Naked Gnome Races (with prizes), transmog contests, guild banner redesign contests, and more.

But at the end of the day, we all live for the thrill of downing new bosses. Performance matters, and we want all of our raiders to perform well. We expect players to be prepared for raids, bring consumables, and be ready to focus for the night.

Schedule & Progress

Raid Times:
Wednesdays & Thursdays from 8:30pm to 11:30pm EST (15 minute break at half-way point)
Recent(ish) Progression:
— SFO: 10/11 H
— SOD: 10/10 H
— CN: 10/10 H
Battle for Azeroth
— NTWC: 12/12 H
— EP: 8/8 H
— COS: 2/2 H
— BOD: 9/9 H
— ULD: 8/8 H
— ABT: 11/11 H
— TOS: 9/9 H
— NH: 10/10 H
— TOV: 3/3 H
— EN: 7/7 H
So we know what you’re thinking - this guild is too good to be true and is full of people I can’t wait to meet and share an awesome gaming experience with. That’s cool because we are recruiting as we look to finish out the tier:
  • Mage
  • DPS Death Knight
  • DPS Demon Hunter
Interested? Reach out to our recruitment officer:
  • Mccaffrey: Mccaffrey#1251 BNET / Mccaffrey#1264 Discord
Apply to Raid on Raider.IO