Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible R•W•F Global Coverage

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May 26 2023 08:20 CEST(4 months ago) #breaking-news#day-17
The top 20 has been filled! That'll be it for our raid coverage, and we look forward to 10.2's Race to World First! Here are the top 20 guilds of Mythic Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible:

11: Banhammer
12: Mate
13: Exposed
14: Imperative
15: JiTianHong (佶天鸿)
16: End Myth
17: Project
19: xD
20: Ethical

At the time of the top 20 completion we had:

20 guilds 9/9.
22 guilds 8/9.
93 guilds 7/9.
110 guilds 6/9.
80 guilds 5/9.
673 guilds 4/9.
870 guilds 3/9.
345 guilds 2/9.
421 guilds 1/9.
May 22 2023 20:43 CEST(4 months ago) #day-14
And we have a top 10! Honestly grab the final spot as they down Sarkareth World 10th, US 4th!
May 22 2023 15:39 CEST(4 months ago) #day-13
And our top 10 is capped off by Honestly! On the last pull of the night they grab the kill, World 10th, OCE first!

May 21 2023 02:09 CEST(4 months ago) #breaking-news#day-12
We have a World #9 Kill from European guild Conspiracy, who managed to slip into the Top 10 after already having an incredible performance in Vault of the Incarnates, where they ended up as the #15 guild in the world. It took them 127 pulls to take down the final boss of Aberrus, and it looks like we have a new competitor in the RWF scene.

The guild originated from Swedish guild Practice, later went international, renamed into Lotus, and after picking up a few more key players from defunct guilds like Aversion and others, they renamed once more into Conspiracy. Now, with their performance in Aberrus, they are one of the foremost raiding guilds in not just Europe, but the entire World.

Congratulations to them, and we can't wait to see what's next for them.

May 20 2023 14:38 CEST(4 months ago) #day-11
World 8th, China second Sarkareth gets claimed by ChaoJie. After an intense tier long battle they ultimately fall short after a harrowing 2.1% wipe away from claiming World 5th China first and ultimately defeat the boss a full day later.

Heartbreaking stuff.