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Fireside Tales: Aberrus - A Shattered Legacy

The campfire is burning once more, as we sit down to look at Neltharion's legacy, and those who seek to follow it. From the beginning of the Dracthyr and Neltharion's control over them, to the depths of Aberrus and the dark shadows lurking in its depths, it was not Neltharion's legacy that Wrathion, Sabellian and Sarkareth were chasing. Join us as we discover what Deathwing left behind for those willing to submit and serve, and how his shattered legacy was reforged for a brighter future.

Fireside Tales: The Mysteries of Aberrus

With the opening of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible on the horizon, let's cozy up by the fire to explore some of the mysteries shrouding this ominous raid instance. Grab some marshmallows and join us for some lore!

Fireside Tales: Sindragosa

Love is in the air! Today, we cozy up by the fire to recount the story of Sindragosa: the long-lost love of Malygos. How has their love lived on in Dragonflight? Grab some marshmallows and join us for some lore!

Fireside Tales: The Discs of Norgannon

With our return to the Uldaman dungeon in Dragonflight, let's cozy up by the fire to take a closer look at one of Azeroth's great mysteries: the Discs of Norgannon. Grab some marshmallows and join us for some lore!

Fireside Tales: Vault of the Incarnates Lore

As Vault of the Incarnates prepares to open its gates, we cozy up by the fire to take a closer look at the Primal Incarnates, Neltharion's creation of the Dracthyr, and where the story may take us. Grab some marshmallows and join us for some lore!

Raider.IO Riddle Solution: Gruul's Lair

With Vault of the Incarnates right around the corner, we posted a Raider.IO Raid Riddle yesterday featuring a raid instance from The Burning Crusade: Gruul's Lair! When traversing through the Dragon Isles, we couldn’t help but remember the famed Gruul the Dragonkiller. Want to know more about Gruul's significance and how he bested Deathwing? Read on for a breakdown of our riddle solution and the background lore!

Raider.IO Riddle Solution: Atal'Dazar

With the MDI Global Finals of Shadowlands Season 3 right on the horizon, our Sunday Raider.IO Riddles are back, featuring a famous dungeon from BFA: Atal'Dazar! Read on to learn why Atal'Dazar is relevant today and for a full solution breakdown to our riddle!

Raider.IO Riddle Solution: Heart of Fear

This week's Raider.IO Riddle featured a Mists of Pandaria raid, Heart of Fear! Want to crack the code to our most difficult riddle to date? Hint: The biggest key to the puzzle lies in a bit of wordplay! Read on to learn more about Heart of Fear and for the full solution to our riddle.

Raider.IO Riddle Solution: Ulduar

As Sepulcher of the First Ones opened on Normal and Heroic difficulties this past week, we chose to connect our first Raider.IO “Raid” Riddle to a very special Wrath of the Lich King raid: Ulduar! As we face the mystical constellar boss, Rygelon of Sepulcher, we can't help but remember Algalon of Ulduar. What was the secret to cracking this week's riddle? Hint #1: We like homonyms! Read on for the full breakdown.

Raider.IO Riddle Solution: Plaguefall

With excitement brewing for the launch of Patch 9.2 tomorrow, we chose to feature a Shadowlands Mythic+ dungeon for this Sunday's Raider.IO Riddle: Plaguefall! Want to know the solution to one of our trickiest riddles to date? Read on for a full breakdown of our puzzle!

Raider.IO Riddle Solution: Cathedral of Eternal Night

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, this week's Raider.IO Riddle featured Cathedral of Eternal Night. This Legion Mythic+ dungeon is lush with azure flowers nourished by the sacred light of Elune emanating throughout its halls. It is a dungeon marked by contrasts, as the spirit of hope persists against the desecration of the Burning Legion invasion. Want to know the breakdown of our riddle's solution? Read to the end and discover our biggest hint to date!

Raider.IO Riddle Solution: Freehold

On our most recent installment of the Raider.IO Riddles series, we featured one of the most beloved and quirky Mythic+ dungeons of BFA: Freehold! What stranger mission is there than liberating a pirate town of other, objectively worse pirates? Does that make us pirates too? Read on for some gems of nostalgia and a comprehensive solution to our riddle!

Raider.IO Riddle Solution: Seat of the Triumvirate

Today, we bring you the solution to our latest Mythic+ Raider.IO Riddle: Seat of the Triumvirate! Want to learn more about this notorious Legion dungeon and a full breakdown of our riddle? Read on!

The Tale of Sylvanas Windrunner, Final Boss of Sanctum of Domination

The final boss of Sanctum of Domination is none other than Sylvanas Windrunner — one of the most iconic, integral characters in all of WoW lore. In this comprehensive tale, Senppai delves deeply into the story of Sylvanas from origins to present day. Want to learn how we came to fight Sylvanas and what may come next? Look no further!

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