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An Inside Look: Private Auras Spotted in Mythic+ on The War Within Alpha

It appears that the infamous Private Auras will be making their return in Dragonflight...and not just in raids. With Private Auras being spotted in Mythic+ on The War Within Alpha, let's dive in and discuss this issue and its possible ramifications.

MDI DF Season 3 - Group B Preview

Group B of the Dragonflight Season 3 MDI starts Friday at 10 am PST/7 pm CET! Need a refresher on the MDI format changes or want to take a peek at the teams competing in this Group B weekend? We've got you covered right here with our MDI Group B Preview!

Private Auras - Were They Successful?

In Patch 10.1, Blizzard introduced Private Auras as a way to combat automation for raid encounters and assignments. They've accompanied us through two raid tiers now, and it is time to take another look at how Private Auras have affected individual encounters and the raiding environment as a whole.

Mythic Raiding and Progression: Is the Bar too High?

Throughout WoW's illustrious history, high-end raiding has been revered as the pinnacle of glory for many players, and other MMO's strive to emulate the complexity of WoW's final bosses. But is there a darker side to it all? Has the barrier to entry for Mythic progression become too steep? Join us for an inside look!

RWF Retrospective: Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope

The Race to World First of Amirdrassil has come to an end, but what made this race unique? From intense fights and interesting boss tuning to Racial abilities, WeakAuras and Augvokers, we'll take a deeper look into the intricacies behind this exciting RWF.

An Inside Look at Private Auras

Patch 10.1 saw the introduction of Private Auras - abilities that could not be tracked via Addons or WeakAuras. Only three mechanics were hidden this way in Aberrus, but the upcoming raid promises to have at least 20 of them. How impactful are Private Auras? Will Amirdrassil become a repeat of the Echo of Neltharion dilemma? Join us for an inside look!

AFDL Fall Clash - Event and Teams Preview

This weekend, the Armed Forces Dungeon League will return for their AFDL Fall Clash – a Mythic+ event for active service personnel and veterans of military organizations around the world. This 3-day event will also be running a special charity initiative over the course of the tournament, with proceeds aimed at providing non-lethal aid to Ukraine. Learn more about the event and the four competing teams, hailing from the United States, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom!

Break the Meta Returns for Dragonflight Season 2!

Season 2 of Dragonflight is on its last legs, and we could all use some change of scenery from the Mythic+ meta by now... So let's do it in style, with another round of Break The Meta! Registration for BTM is open now, so join us in smashing the meta to pieces. Many cool prizes await you, including the last chance to earn the Smoldering Banner of the Aspects.

TGP 2023 Preview - Global Finals

The 2023 TGP Global Finals are upon us and the action starts NOW! Only one of the six remaining teams will take home the crown and title of becoming the new TGP champion, as well as their share of the $300.000 USD prize pool. If you haven't followed the event so far and want to know more about all of the teams of this year's TGP Global Finals, we got you covered!

Mythic+ 101: Understanding Your Role

In Mythic+, there are some unspoken expectations of each role such as the tank, DPS, and healer. Understanding your role and the jobs you are expected to fill in a group will help your journey as a Mythic+ player. Learn more here in Chapter 5!

Mythic+ 101: Netiquette

In Chapter 4 of our Mythic+ 101 Series, we discuss how to conduct yourself properly in Mythic+ and online, otherwise known as dungeon "Netiquette".

Mythic+ 101: Pugging, Networking, and Group Dynamics

In Chapter 3 of our Mythic+ 101 Series, we discuss how to navigate the world of pugging, the looking for group tool, and networking in the Mythic Plus world. Read on to learn the best ways to form groups for Mythic+ success!

Mythic+ 101: What to Know For Your First Keystone

In Chapter 2 of our Mythic+ 101 Series, we discuss how to prepare for your first keystone adventure. Learn more about Mythic+ affixes, addons, consumables, and other helpful tips here!

Mythic+ 101: What is Mythic Plus and Why Should YOU Do it?

Are you a new player looking to get started in Mythic+? In this first chapter of our Mythic+ 101 series, learn what Mythic+ is and why you should do it!

The Great Push 2023 - Proving Grounds Recap

The Dragonflight Season 2 TGP Proving Grounds have concluded, determining the 18 teams who will be competing in the three group weekends over the next month! As the entire event was not live-streamed, we have put together a recap of all the developments and a bit of drama that happened over the course of the five-day event!

Fireside Tales: Aberrus - A Shattered Legacy

The campfire is burning once more, as we sit down to look at Neltharion's legacy, and those who seek to follow it. From the beginning of the Dracthyr and Neltharion's control over them, to the depths of Aberrus and the dark shadows lurking in its depths, it was not Neltharion's legacy that Wrathion, Sabellian and Sarkareth were chasing. Join us as we discover what Deathwing left behind for those willing to submit and serve, and how his shattered legacy was reforged for a brighter future.

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible: RWF Event Guide

The wait is finally over! The Race for World First for Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible starts today, and numerous guilds are putting on a great show for all the RWF enthusiasts and newcomers alike. If you want to know more about which guilds will be producing events, what charities they are raising funds for, or where to find your favorite talent, our RWF Event Guide has it all!

The RWF of Aberrus: Rosters, China, and More!

With Aberrus soon opening its doors, the RWF guilds are in full-on preparation mode. They have not been idle since the Vault of the Incarnated RWF has ended, however, and every guild has plenty of new players in their roster. We've taken a look at some of the new players, and how much has changed since we last saw everybody compete in the RWF. We've also taken a look at the situation in China, and we come bearing good news!

MDI 2023 Big Brain Strats - Group Stage and The Last Stand

With the Group Stage and The Last Stand of the Dragonflight Season 1 MDI having concluded, we're back with some of the Big Brain Strats we saw leading up to the Global Finals! Check out the clips to learn the tricks showcased by the pros!

MDI 2023: The Last Stand Preview

The last chance to earn a spot in the coveted Global Finals of the 2023 Mythic Dungeon International is upon us with The Last Stand taking place this weekend! With no more head-to-head games, it is an all-out brawl now, and the pressure is on...which teams will prevail? Read on for everything you need to know about the 2023 Last Stand competitors!

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