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AFDL Spring Clash: Event and Teams Preview

This coming weekend, the Armed Forces Dungeon League is thrilled to unveil the return of its highly anticipated Mythic+ Series with the AFDL Spring Clash! This invitational tournament will see the four winners of the 2023 Clash events face off and fight for glory. Read on to learn more about the event and the competing teams: Coast Guard Gaming, Warrior GMR, Ukrainian WoW, and U.S. Army Esports!

Break the Meta Returns for Dragonflight Season 3... with a Special Twist!

Break the Meta is BACK! It's time to break out the off-meta specs and get pushing those keystones. Earn exclusive prizes such as the Dreaming Banner of the Aspects in-game Toy, and the BTM Prize Bundle...and this Season, we've introduced a special event just for all of you Demon Hunters. Read on to learn more!

Raider.IO 7 Year Anniversary Event!

It's our Birthday! Raider.IO was launched 7 years ago come celebrate with us by running Mythic+ dungeons for a chance to win some prizes! Read on to learn more about the Raider.IO 7th Anniversary Replay Event.

The RWF Awards: Amirdrassil, the Dream's Hope!

It's time yet again for the Raider.IO RWF Awards! Check out all the nominees for the RWF Awards for the recent 10.2 Amirdrassil Race, and vote on your favourites! Support your favourite guilds, players, orgs, and memes... voting is open NOW until 11:59pm PDT on Tuesday, December 19th.

AFDL Fall Clash - Event and Teams Preview

This weekend, the Armed Forces Dungeon League will return for their AFDL Fall Clash – a Mythic+ event for active service personnel and veterans of military organizations around the world. This 3-day event will also be running a special charity initiative over the course of the tournament, with proceeds aimed at providing non-lethal aid to Ukraine. Learn more about the event and the four competing teams, hailing from the United States, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom!

Introducing: The OTK/Starforge Hardcore Mak'gora!

The incredible team over at The OTK Network are bringing the ultimate battle to World of Warcraft Classic: The OTK/Starforge Hardcore Mak'Gora! Fresh characters will have until the end of October to level and gear up, in preparation for a 1 on 1 duel tournament, Mak'Gora style, with a total prize pool of $100,000! Read on to learn more about the event format, the rules and regulations, and how to compete. Only one will be worthy...will it be you?

Eve Ascension 3: Meet the Tournament Teams

The Championship for the 3rd Eve Ascension Tournament is just around the corner! Want to learn more about the teams and the incredible players that will be competing? We've got you covered! Be sure to tune in on Saturday, September 30th at 9am PDT on the Team Liquid Twitch Channel for 6 hours of thrilling and exciting Mythic+ competition. We'll see you there!

Break the Meta Returns for Dragonflight Season 2!

Season 2 of Dragonflight is on its last legs, and we could all use some change of scenery from the Mythic+ meta by now... So let's do it in style, with another round of Break The Meta! Registration for BTM is open now, so join us in smashing the meta to pieces. Many cool prizes await you, including the last chance to earn the Smoldering Banner of the Aspects.

Team Liquid's Eve Ascension Returns September 30th!

Eve Ascension returns to World of Warcraft with another Mythic+ Tournament! Register today with your team for the Qualifiers for your chance to play in the Eve Ascension Championship! Over $8,000 in prize money is up for grabs in this Tournament series dedicated to showcasing the skill and talent of women and gender minorities in World of Warcraft.

Celebrate Open Beta of the Auto Route Creator & Mythic+ Replays with the TGP Underrot Rumble!

We're thrilled to announce that both the Auto Route Creator and the Mythic+ Replay System are now officially in OPEN BETA! That's right, both of our brand-new features are now available to ALL users. We're so excited about this next phase, and about TGP Global Finals coming up, that we've decided to hold a competition! Read on to learn more about the next steps for the ARC and Mythic+ Replay System, and about The Underrot Rumble. Prizes and glory await!

WoW and Ukraine: How to Support War Relief Efforts

Today, Blizzard announced a limited edition Pet Pack that players can purchase to directly support war relief efforts in Ukraine through BlueCheck. With the Pet Pack's celebrity endorsement from Mila Kunis and spirits raised by the recent Ukrainian WoW Community Mythic+ Tournament, players from across the globe are banding together in support of Ukraine. Click here to learn more about how to get involved in the cause!

GUIDE: How to Use the Tournament Realm

Are you participating in the AWC, MDI, or TGP? Have you signed up for a Community Event taking place on the Tournament Realm? Follow this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to access the Tournament Realm and set up your characters to get you ready for success!

The RWF Awards: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible!

It's time yet again for the Raider.IO RWF Awards! Check out all the nominees for the RWF Awards for the recent 10.1 Aberrus Race, and vote on your favourites! Support your favourite guilds, players, orgs, and memes... voting is open NOW until 11:59pm PDT on Sunday, June 4th.

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible: RWF Event Guide

The wait is finally over! The Race for World First for Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible starts today, and numerous guilds are putting on a great show for all the RWF enthusiasts and newcomers alike. If you want to know more about which guilds will be producing events, what charities they are raising funds for, or where to find your favorite talent, our RWF Event Guide has it all!

The Mythic+ Keystone Builders Tournament - Event and Teams Preview!

Is everyone ready for the Mythic+ Keystone Builders Tournament this weekend?! Here is everything you need to know about the third season of this community event and where to watch the action live. Read on to meet all the participating teams who are eager to build up their keystones for a large cash prize!

Introducing: Eve Ascension Mythic+ Tournament

Eve Ascension is the first World of Warcraft Mythic+ Community Tournament featuring teams made up entirely of women and gender minorities! Created by Team Liquid, LWIW, and proudly presented by Alienware, this is sure to be an exciting competition of high-end Keystone pushing. Read on to learn more and make sure to check it out this Saturday, April 22nd!

DONATE NOW: 2023 Mythic+ Charity Pro-Am

Click here to learn more about each of the 6 Charities being represented in the 3rd Annual Mythic+ Charity Pro-Am, and for details on how to donate to support these incredible causes, and your favourite Pro-Am teams!

Break the Meta RETURNS for Dragonflight Season 1!

We're sending Season 1 of Dragonflight off in style... with Break the Meta, and another chance to earn the Thundering Banner of the Aspects in-game toy! This time you'll have two weeks to participate and compete with your off-meta specs and characters. Register today, and get ready to smash that Mythic+ Meta!

Community Spotlight: Wochi and the Dungeon Dojo

The Dungeon Dojo Invitational is only 1 day away! Click here to learn about this wonderful WoW community and their amazing leader, Wochi!

NEW! Raider.IO Road to KSM Event

The start of the very first Mythic+ Season of a brand new expansion is already exciting, but now you have even more reason to celebrate, as we bring you the inaugural Raider.IO Road to KSM! This event is for the Mythic+ Teams aiming to get KSM (or as close to it as they can!) during the first two weeks of the Season. Think you have what it takes to be Top Team in your Region? Read on to learn more!

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