Break the Meta Returns for Dragonflight Season 3... with a Special Twist!

We are thrilled to announce the return of one of the most highly-anticipated Community Mythic+ events…on April 2nd, Break the Meta is back for Dragonflight Season 3, and this time, it’s got a special twist!

Break the Meta is the premiere event where the Community can showcase the off-meta specs, and earn some sweet prizes in the process… like the exclusive Dreaming Banner of the Aspects! Get those spotlights ready, it’s time for the off-meta specs to take center stage!

Table of Contents

About the Event

Break the Meta is a special event developed to showcase and highlight each Season’s off-meta specs and classes. It’s finally time to dust off your Elemental Shaman, Protection Warrior, or Preservation Evoker and show what you’re capable of! During the Competition Period, any Mythic+ keystone completed in-time on LIVE servers, with a group made up entirely of the BTM-Eligible Specs, will be counted towards the event. You’ll need to Register via the BTM Dragonflight Season 3 Event Hub for your runs to show up on the Leaderboards and to be eligible to win the amazing prizes, including the Dreaming Banner of the Aspects!

The Competition Period lasts for the following dates and will begin and end with each region’s respective weekly server reset times:

RegionTournament Dates
North America & OceaniaApril 2nd - 16th
EuropeApril 3rd - 17th
Taiwan & KoreaApril 4th - 18th

We will have a Break the Meta Leaderboard that you can use to keep track of your progress throughout the event. It will only show BTM-Eligible runs: Timed Runs that are made up entirely of the eligible specs listed below. You can also filter the Leaderboard by all of the usual selections, such as Regions, Brackets, Factions, etc.

We strongly recommend that you run with Live Tracking enabled on your Raider.IO Desktop Client to ensure that all your runs are properly tracked and verified! Read more about this feature here.


We’re happy to announce that we will again have three separate prize offerings for this event, each with a different way to win them! Whether you’re tackling +5 keystones or +25, there’s prizes for players of all skill levels!

⚠️Each Blizzard Account is eligible for one of each of the prize offerings. Register here⚠️

Dreaming Banner of the Aspects

Earn this sweet in-game reward by completing 2 BTM-Eligible Runs at +17 or higher!

We are once again partnering with Blizzard for BTM to provide players another opportunity to earn the Dreaming Banner of the Aspects! This in-game toy was made available to participants of the various WoW Esports programs this Season, including the MDI and AWC. However, those opportunities to get the exclusive toy have come and gone, so we’re excited to provide one more chance to collect this awesome in-game item through BTM, and we’ve extended this Season’s event to a two-week period to ensure ample opportunity to do so!

Register for the event and complete at least 2 BTM-Eligible timed keystones at level +17 or higher during the Competition Period, and the Dreaming Banner of the Aspects will be automatically added to your collection in-game within approximately 30 days of the conclusion of the event.

⚠️The dungeon level requirement has been increased this Season to +17 to mirror the requirements set by Blizzard to earn the toy via MDI Time Trials⚠️

World of Warcraft Game Time

Break the Meta is, after all, a competition, so we will be awarding this set of prizes to the winners of the event! The players who achieve the highest Mythic+ Character Score for each of the eligible specializations will win 60 days of WoW Game Time. There will be one winner per spec for all three regions, for a total of 72 winners.

BTM Prize Bundle

We like being able to award one prize that does not have any requirements in terms of keystone levels or Raider.IO Score, to give all players an opportunity to win something. This Season, we’re offering the BTM Prize Bundle, a collection of the following wondrous in-game prizes:

  • 60 days World of Warcraft Game Time
  • The Sylverian Dreamer Blizzard Store Mount
  • The Celestial Observer Ensemble Transmog Set
  • The Lil’ Ursoc Blizzard Store Pet

Lil’ Ursoc Blizzard Store Pet

In order to win the BTM Prize Bundle, you must complete BTM-Eligible dungeons during the Competition Period while using the Raider.IO Client with Live Tracking enabled. Every completed BTM-Eligible keystone, regardless of keystone level, earns you 1 entry into the raffle, and one lucky winner will be chosen after the event ends! This prize is only available to players in the NA, EU and TW regions.

⚠️Dungeons without Live Tracking will not count as an entry for the BTM Prize Bundle.⚠️

How To Enter

BTM participation will be on an individual basis, and completed via the BTM Registration Form. This means that you can play with any number of people throughout the event in various groups, and it will not affect your prize eligibility or progress, as long as every member of the group plays a BTM-Eligible spec. Registration is open NOW and will close at 11:59pm PDT on April 20th, 2024.

Eligible Specs

When determining which specs are eligible for BTM, we sort the participation data by Class Frequency, and then we look at keystones +20 and higher. We also sort by +25 and higher to determine if there’s any massive outliers in the highest key ranges. We then take the bottom 50% of specs per role, and that is our baseline list of eligible specs! We’ll often make some adjustments to accommodate for recent hotfixes or recent changes to the meta, but we believe this methodology provides a good representation of the classes and specs that are considered “off-meta” or lesser-used by the Community at large.

In order for a keystone to be considered BTM-Eligible, it must be completed in time and made up of ONLY the following eligible specs:

Eligible Spec List revised March 20th to remove Shadow Priest and Balance Druid.

 Affliction Warlock Holy Paladin Brewmaster Monk
 Arcane Mage Holy Priest Guardian Druid
 Arms Warrior Preservation Evoker Protection Warrior
 Assassination Rogue Restoration Shaman
 Destruction Warlock
 Devastation Evoker
 Elemental Shaman
 Enhancement Shaman
 Feral Druid
 Frost Death Knight
 Marksmanship Hunter
 Subtlety Rogue
 Survival Hunter
 Unholy Death Knight
 Windwalker Monk

Updated as of: March 14, 2024

In past BTM events, we have always, as a rule, made sure to include at least one spec per class. This is done to ensure that nobody is barred from participating in the event, if they happen to only have one character and it just so happens to be one where every spec is considered “meta”. However, this time around we’re straying from this rule, and we can blame the Demon Hunters for this one!

Unfortunately, both Demon Hunter specs are so incredibly strong this Season, that we feel it would be counter to the purpose and integrity of Break the Meta to include either of them. Vengeance would certainly be ineligible, but Havoc is also so prominent in higher keys right now, that if we included it just for the purpose of having Demon Hunters be eligible, we would just see the highest keys being completed by triple DH groups.

But worry not! We’re actually creating a separate and simultaneous event just for all of you Demon Hunter enthusiasts! You’ll be able to participate in this special event and still earn all of the same prizes… read more on it below.

NEW: Meta vs. Meta – Demon Hunter Exclusive Event!

As mentioned above, we unfortunately find ourselves in a Season where one class is just so dominant in all of its specs, that we have made the decision to eliminate it entirely from BTM eligibility. This decision was made to preserve the integrity and purpose of Break the Meta.

But we don’t want to leave all our Demon Hunter friends hanging, so we’re happy to introduce a brand new special event: Meta vs. Meta!

MVM will work similarly to Break the Meta, with the same prize offerings listed above, but in order to have a dungeon be considered MVM-Eligible, it must be completed in-time and contain ONLY Demon Hunters! That’s right, this is a 5x Demon Hunter event… an Eyebeam Extravaganza!

  • Complete 2 MVM-Eligible dungeons at +17 or higher and earn the exclusive Dreaming Banner of the Aspects!
  • Push MVM-Eligible dungeons and get yourself to the top of the Vengeance and Havoc Leaderboards to win 60 days WoW Gametime
  • Each MVM-Eligible dungeon completed while using the Raider.IO Desktop Client with Live Tracking enabled will also earn you a raffle entry to win the BTM Prize Bundle

There will be only one Registration form for both BTM and Meta vs. Meta, so if you are looking to compete in MVM, you just need to register as if you were participating in BTM! A Reminder that each account is only eligible for one of each prize, so you can certainly participate in both events, but you cannot win more than one of each prize.

Watch BTM Casted LIVE on Twitch!

The last three Break the Meta events had a streamed broadcast element, and we’re happy to announce that this BTM will be no different! Throughout the competition, we have a handful of WoW streamers act as our BTM broadcasters. They will be getting together to restream and cast the LIVE streams of competitors, while providing commentary over the dungeon runs as they are happening. Casting streams will be showcased on the front page of Raider.IO!

Make sure you Register early for a chance to have your stream chosen by our amazing casters, and get some new eyes on your stream!

🚨Only streams with !BTM in the stream title will be Casted.🚨


  • Break the Meta and Meta v. Meta are open to players in all eligible regions.
  • In order for a run to be BTM-eligible, the dungeon must be completed in time and every player in the group must have played the entire dungeon as one of the eligible specializations.
  • In order for a run to be MVM-eligible, the dungeon must be completed in time and every player in the group must be playing a Demon Hunter.
  • Each Blizzard Account is only eligible for one of each of the different prizes.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any run for any reason.
  • To be eligible for prizes you must register via the Break the Meta Registration Form before registration closes at 11:59pm PDT on April 20, 2024.
  • Prizes other than the Dreaming Banner of the Aspects will be distributed via the Discord Account or Email provided during Registration. If we do not hear back from you within 48 hours of attempting to award you a prize, then your prizes will be forfeited.
  • The Dreaming Banner of the Aspects and Game Time prizes are available to players from all eligible regions. The BTM Prize Bundle is only available to players from the NA, EU and Taiwan regions.

Winners will be contacted by May 10th, 2024.

We strongly recommend that you run with Live Tracking enabled in your Raider.IO Desktop Client to ensure that all your runs are properly tracked and verified! Read more about this feature here.

Raider.IO Desktop Client

Although using the Raider.IO Desktop Client is only a requirement for being entered into the raffle for our BTM Prize Bundle, the client offers several benefits that you do not want to miss out on!

One of the biggest upsides of using the Raider.IO Desktop Client during the Break the Meta event, is that the client updates your runs to the leaderboard almost instantaneously. This allows you to check up on your ranking shortly after finishing a run, instead of waiting for your score to get updated correctly. It also solves the issue of runs that are difficult to track via the API, such as runs that were of a lower key-level than a depleted run of a higher key-level that had the same five players and group composition.

Another benefit is that you will be able to use our two newest Raider.IO features: The Auto Route Creator, and the Mythic+ Replay feature! Both of these features will enable you to quickly take a look at another group's routes and replays, or use your own, to continuously improve over the course of your Mythic+ and Break the Meta journey!

We’ve created a special Replay Set for Break the Meta, which includes a “Just In Time” Replay for each dungeon at keystone level +17. These are dungeons which just managed to successfully complete in time! If your BTM goal is to earn your Dreaming Banner of the Aspects, these Replays are a great way to know if you’re on target.

All that’s left to do is to dust off those off-meta characters and show the world that unconventional group comps can still smash keys! Get out there and Break the Meta!

Any questions? Join us on our Discord server in the #break-the-meta-df3 channel.

If you’re still looking for a Group to play with, we highly recommend checking out the Mythic Plus Friends Discord, as you will find many like-minded players amongst their community!

Good luck to all competitors!