FEATURE: The Auto Route Creator

Tired of spending hours transcribing Mythic+ routes from Twitch vods of your favorite streamers? Dive right into the Mythic+ Season with Raider.IO’s Auto Route Creator (ARC)!

Upon acquiring Keystone Guru, Raider.IO built the Auto Route Creator to save you time by easily viewing Mythic+ routes of your own runs as well as those of other players on the Leaderboard at the click of a button.

Read on to learn more about how the Auto Route Creator works, including how to keep your routes private and enhance your Mythic+ adventures!

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What is the Auto Route Creator?

The Auto Route Creator is a revolutionary feature that allows you to generate Mythic+ routes from completed dungeons at the push of a button. Gone are the days of wondering what routes people are running in their keys, floundering through a dungeon without a strategy, or scouring Twitch for hours on end to uncover the latest tech. With the Auto Route Creator, you can easily and quickly find a route that you can instantly import into MDT in-game, or open in Keystone.Guru to build on further.


The Auto Route Creator is straightforward and simple to use, but it is important to note that only dungeons that have been Live Tracked using the Raider.IO Desktop Client can be used for this feature!

To create and view a route, select any Live Tracked dungeon on the Raider.IO website. On the top right, you will see “View Route ”.

Click on the View Route button, and your Keystone.Guru Mythic+ route will automatically generate below!


From here, you have options. The embedded Keystone.Guru route is interactive, so you can zoom in and out, mouseover specific mobs for more details, and expand the sidebar to get a rundown of each pull.

Did you find a route you like? Click on the “Copy MDT String” button in the top right to instantly copy the route to your clipboard so you can input it into the Mythic Dungeon Tools Addon in-game. Or, click on “View Route” to open it up in the Keystone.Guru website for even more functionality and tools to enhance and build upon it.


For some players competing for the top spots of the Leaderboard, it’s important to keep routes and strategies private. We have ensured that you will have the ability to do so, while still retaining the ability to use the new Auto Route Creator feature.

In your profile settings, you will have the option to make your routes private or public under the Route Visibility dropdown menu. If public, anybody can select a dungeon you have completed, then create and view the route. If private, only players who participated in a dungeon run itself will be able to view or generate a route from that specific run.

Elevate Your Gameplay with Auto Route Creation

A good route has consistently been the foundation for success in pushing Mythic+ dungeons, and thanks to the Auto Route Creator, it’s easier than ever. Don’t waste any more valuable time trying to figure out the best path through a dungeon, because it’s right at your fingertips!

With the Auto Route Creator, you can quickly find the route of any team that is sharing them publicly, and can import it to the game within seconds. You can use this as a base for discussion with your team and get started faster instead of making a new route from scratch. You will know exactly which party composition was played for the route you are importing, removing the guesswork of whether this route is based on a Priest using Mind Soothe or a Rogue using their Shroud of Concealment to skip certain packs.

The Auto Route Creator will combine all the pulls where combat was not dropped, allowing you to quickly see where healers were able to take a mana break or which packs were chain-pulled one after another. With all of this information at your disposal, you will be able to plan your cooldowns and resources accordingly, and you can adapt or edit the route easily in Keystone.Guru if you recognize that your group composition requires a different approach.

With all the different filters available on the Raider.IO Leaderboard, this feature will be useful for all levels of play, and you can quickly find the best route for your keystone level and group. If you’re worried that a high-key route is not suitable to your own group, browsing the Leaderboard for lower key-levels enables you to find one that is more likely to help you find success in your Mythic+ endeavors. Filtering for specific Affix combinations lets you import a route that was played within any given week, and you can even find routes from teams that play the exact same comp as you – even if it isn’t meta!

Take it one step further and apply your own knowledge and understanding of the game to your automatically created routes. Finding and then iterating on a route via the Auto Route Creator will allow you to generate and build routes for yourself and your team that do not require you to become an absolute expert in route creation. Save time so you can play more and plan less, while still reaping the benefits of tried and tested routes that fit your specific criteria.

Special thanks to Wotuu, Bunten, and Isak for their hard work and contributions towards the Auto Route Creator!

If you’d like to help Raider.IO and Keystone.Guru innovate more tools for the WoW community like the Auto Route Creator or the Mythic+ Replay system, please support us on Patreon! Patrons have access to private channels in the Raider.IO Discord where they have a direct line of communication to the development team to provide feedback and ask questions.