FEATURE: Mythic+ Replays

Want to see how your Mythic+ keystone runs compared to other teams? Try out our exclusive Mythic+ Replay system!

This feature allows you to race against past dungeons in real-time via the in-game Addon and at any keystone level. With the Mythic+ Replay system, you can compare your current dungeon to your own personal bests, a guildmate’s runs, or even the top runs on the leaderboard!

Read on to learn more about how the Mythic+ Replay system works, including how to keep your runs private and how to boost your Mythic+ prowess!

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What is the Mythic+ Replay System?

The Mythic+ Replay system was a long-time goal of the Raider.IO development team. The motivation behind this feature was to create tools for users to better evaluate their dungeon performance and identify areas of improvement. Until now, that required recording dungeons and comparing videos…but with a Mythic+ Replay, you can compare in real-time while running the dungeon!

Are you behind on trash count at this point in the dungeon compared to the last time you ran it? Did your group kill that boss faster than your guildmates? How far off the timer are you at the half-way point compared to the top run in Freehold? You can answer all of these questions at a glance while running the dungeon with Mythic+ Replays… and you can then make adjustments on the fly as needed!


Before you start your keystone, the Mythic+ Replay interface will show the end results from your chosen Replay dungeon. This includes total dungeon time, number of bosses killed, trash count percentage, and total player deaths. The full interface will also show each boss split timer, with the option to show split time from the start of the dungeon, or split time from the previous boss.

When you start the dungeon, those values will reset to zero. As your timer counts up in your current keystone, so will the timer of the Replay dungeon in real-time. You’ll be able to see exactly where the Replay dungeon’s trash count was gained, when bosses were killed, and when players died.

As you race against the Replay dungeon in real-time, the interface will show you at a glance if you are ahead of, behind, or even with your selected Replay dungeon. If your current run falls behind on the timer, trash count, or boss splits timers – or if your run at any point has more deaths – those values will show in red on the left-hand side of the interface. If you’re beating your Replay dungeon in any of those areas, those values will show in green.

With the Mythic+ Replay system, and the easy-to-use User Interface, you can monitor your group’s progression through your dungeon in real-time compared to the Replay dungeon!

Getting Started with Mythic+ Replays

The Mythic+ Replay System is user-friendly and is seamlessly integrated throughout the Raider.IO suite of services. Choose your dungeon replays, sync them to your in-game interface, reload your UI, and you’re off to the races!


The Mythic+ Replay System is powered by the Raider.IO Desktop Client, Addon, and website. To get started, you must first select the dungeon runs you want accessible in the Replay interface.

NOTE: Dungeons must be valid and Live Tracked via the
Raider.IO Desktop Client to be eligible for Mythic+ Replays.

Log in to your Raider.IO profile, and select the Mythic+ Replays option from the dropdown menu, or from your Settings screen.

This will open the Mythic+ Replays menu, which will show the dungeons you currently have available in your Replay interface in-game. Patrons will have access to a handful of premium preset options, such as best runs from your guild, your personal best runs, and more. Patreon subscribers will also be able to increase their available Replay pool from 15 dungeons to 30!

If you want to add individual dungeons that don’t fit into the presets, you can do that too! Open a specific dungeon on the Raider.IO website, and if it’s available for a Replay, the “Add Run to Replays” button will appear – give that a click to add that dungeon to your available Replays.


After you’ve made your selections and chosen which dungeons to add to your Mythic+ Replay pool on the Raider.IO website, simply refresh the Addon data via the Raider.IO Desktop Client, and your Replays will sync up with the Addon after a quick /reload in-game. You can make this step even easier by clicking the “Sync Replays to Client” button directly from the Replays menu on the website.


When you zone into a Mythic dungeon, the Mythic+ Replay interface will automatically load up with your chosen available Replays for that specific dungeon! Note: if you zone into a dungeon on Normal or Heroic, the Replay interface will not load. Pick the run you want to race against in real-time, and queue it up. Before you start your keystone, check out the custom interface options and set up your Replay just the way you want.


If you wish to keep strategies and dungeon timers private, we have ensured that you will have the ability to do so, while still retaining the option to use the new Mythic+ Replays feature.

In your profile settings, you can choose whether to make your dungeons available or unavailable for Mythic+ Replay under the Replay Availability dropdown menu. If public, anybody can Replay a dungeon you have completed. If private, only players who participated in a dungeon run itself will be able to Replay that specific run.

You may also disable the Mythic+ replay System from the Addon configuration options by typing /rio in-game and deselecting the “Show Mythic+ Replay System” option.

Boost your Gameplay with Mythic+ Replays

Utilizing the Mythic+ Replay System will allow you to elevate your Mythic+ gameplay to the next level. Gone are the days of wondering how far ahead or behind your previous run you are – because now you’ll know! Worried about the mob-count on a boss and if you might’ve missed something? Unsure whether there is still enough time to complete the run without depleting? With a quick glance, you’ll now be able to set your mind at ease.

By comparing your current Mythic+ run to the route you selected as your Mythic+ Replay, you can ensure that your current run’s pace is on track to time the dungeon, and that you have the correct mob count every time you pull a boss. Additionally, if you realize that you are a percent or two short in the middle of a boss fight, you can quickly grab enough mob-count to fix the mistake.

Thanks to the individual times for each boss-split, you will also be able to gauge whether a run is still timeable or not. If your replay shows that you are a minute behind on a boss, but your Mythic+ Replay run was timed with over 3 minutes left, then you can breathe a sigh of relief and continue onward! Also, if you know that you had a wipe right before the last boss, then you can be even more secure in your decision to play on.

Giving up on a run too early is a common issue – especially in PUGs. By grabbing a Mythic+ Replay of a barely timed run, you can assess much more accurately whether a run is truly lost, or whether it is worth pushing on. Few runs are ever perfect (except your own replays, of course!), and just because you might see a red split or two, does not mean it’s worth throwing in the towel.

While the Mythic+ Replay System is best used for improving upon your own dungeon times, it is also a great tool to use in combination with the Auto Route Creator! Selecting a live-tracked run from one of the top teams will now not only allow you to quickly import the entire MDT routing of that run, but also enables you to compare your timers and mob-count to theirs, making it even easier to follow in the footsteps of the best WoW players in the world.

With tools like the Mythic+ Replay and the Auto Route Creator at your disposal, you can elevate your gameplay and performance with less worrying about the logistics and planning side. Time is mana, after all!

Special thanks to Vlad, Isak, ArtemL, ArtemK, Grant, Pelinal, and Kubie for their hard work and contributions towards building the Mythic+ Replay System!

If you’d like to help Raider.IO innovate more tools for the WoW community like Mythic+ Replays or the Auto Route Creator, please support us on Patreon! Patrons have access to private channels in the Raider.IO Discord where they have a direct line of communication to the development team to provide feedback and ask questions.