Mythic+ 101: What is Mythic Plus and Why Should YOU Do it?

Mythic+ provides a way for players to engage in progressively more challenging content to have fun, earn better loot, and improve their skills. While the system is officially called the Mythic Keystone system, the community has latched onto calling it "Mythic Plus", "Mythic+", or sometimes just "M+".

The goal of our Mythic+ 101 series is to provide new players with the foundation they need to get started in Mythic+. This series is a collaboration between RaiderIO and the Mythic Plus Friends Discord. We will be releasing new chapters every two weeks, so feel free to set up Raider.IO Discord alerts if you’d like to follow this series!

So without further ado, what is Mythic+ and why should you do it?

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Introduction: What is Mythic+?

Players can receive a Mythic Keystone by running any dungeon on Mythic difficulty. This Keystone can then be used to transform a Mythic dungeon into a Mythic+ dungeon, increasing its difficulty and rewards. A Mythic+ dungeon differs from a regular Mythic dungeon in three primary ways:

  • Time: The dungeon is given a time limit. Completing the objectives of the dungeon within this time limit will reward you with a higher level keystone than what was used to start the dungeon with. The faster you complete the dungeon, the more quickly your keystone will “level up”.
  • Objective: The dungeon is assigned a number of “Enemy Forces” (aka “trash” or “non-boss monsters”) that must be defeated alongside the dungeon’s bosses in order for successful completion.
  • Challenge: The dungeon is given one or more modifiers (or “Affixes”) that affect multiple aspects of the dungeon, such as increasing the health and damage of trash, or the health and damage of bosses.

In Mythic+ dungeons, enemies no longer drop loot themselves. Instead, the rewards are found in a chest after completion of the dungeon. The number of pieces of loot in this chest will increase as you run higher level keystones.

Our Top Reasons to Run Mythic+

  1. Gear Up Your Character [back to top]

Mythic+ offers a great way to gear up your characters. Loot quality and quantity scale with the Mythic Keystone level used for your Mythic+ run.

Since you can run Mythic+ dungeons repeatedly, this makes it a great way to increase your item level outside of weekly raids or PvP. In addition to providing a chance at receiving loot immediately upon finishing a dungeon, you are also guaranteed loot through the vault system introduced in the Shadowlands expansion, and located in Oribos:

The vault system allows you to choose one piece of loot from up to three choices based on the level of key and number of keys you have completed. Higher dungeon levels will offer higher item level loot, and more dungeons completed will increase the amount of pieces you get to choose from. The vault system is a great way to help mitigate some of the randomness of loot, and Mythic+ dungeons help offer many great choices that will be at a higher item level than what the dungeons normally drop.

  2. Improve Your Skills [back to top]

To be successful in Mythic+ you need to have a solid understanding of each dungeon, and the skills to be able to react on-the-fly to unexpected occurrences. As you run higher and higher keystone levels, you will find that deeply learning the key mechanics of each dungeon will make a huge impact on your chances of success. Important things to think about in Mythic+ are:

  • Which enemies and abilities are dangerous, and why?
  • Which abilities must be interrupted, and which casts can you let through?
  • Which enemies can be crowd controlled (CC’d), and what forms of CC work on them?

You will want to be able to do all of these things while maintaining high damage/healing output, and avoiding dangerous mechanics. These skills will also help you in PvP, Raiding, and even general questing.

Wowhead provides a detailed series of Mythic+ Class Guides for every spec, so you can learn details on how to improve from highly rated players.

  3. Challenge Yourself [back to top]

While everyone enjoys receiving great pieces of loot, for some the thrill of pushing their Keystone as high as they can is its own reward. Most aspects of World of Warcraft have a set difficulty cap, but the difficulty of Mythic+ scales indefinitely and is only limited by how high you can push your Keystone level. This allows players of every skill level to have a way to continue to challenge themselves.

You can compare your Mythic+ progression ranking for your class against other players on your realm, your region, or even the entire world using the Raider.IO Mythic+ leaderboards.

In addition to the dungeon’s difficulty increasing exponentially with Mythic Keystone level, each week there are a new set of "Modifiers" or "Affixes" that affect aspects of all dungeons which you will learn more about in Chapter 2 (coming April 30th). These affixes force you to alter your approach to each dungeon, making for unique challenges and routes through a dungeon every week. Tune in each week to the RaiderIO Weekly Route written by Dratnos to learn some suggested dungeon routes for each week’s affix combinations.

Tip: Raider.IO also provides a Weekly Affixes Discord Alert that can notify you of the week’s new affixes as soon as they change!

  4. Conquer Challenges With Friends [back to top]

Mythic+ offers an opportunity to find lasting friends who enjoy running dungeons together. Efficient and strategic gameplay is essential to being successful in Mythic+. So, as you run more Mythic+ dungeons you will meet players you enjoy playing with and that perform at similar skill levels.

These are players you should add to your Friends list, so you can build a network of players to run dungeons with. In addition, there are several Discord servers, like Mythic Plus Friends, that provide ways to find similarly experienced players to run dungeons with. Playing with friends will make for even more exciting accomplishments as you conquer a new best keystone level!

  5. Join the “Cult” [back to top]

Mythic+ has gained enormous traction in World of Warcraft with hordes of enthusiastic key pushers all across the globe. With Raider.IO’s integration features, you can connect your Twitch channel and other social media accounts to show on your Raider.IO profile. When you go live on Twitch, anyone who sees you on the ladder or visits your Raider.IO profile can watch your stream or connect with you on other platforms. You can also see when people of various classes and specs are streaming in order to check out their gameplay and chat!

Mythic+ has an enormous fan-base that continues to grow immensely. Outside of live key pushing throughout each Mythic+ season, there are also a variety of tournaments and events where players can test their skills year round.

Each year, Blizzard hosts the official Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) tournament where the world’s best teams face off in head-to-head competitive dungeon races in a series of Time Trials and Cups.

Additionally, there are several community-run tournaments hosted by budding organizations such as Keystone Masters, Dream Gaming, BloodlustIO, and Raider.IO’s very own Push Week Events for live keys. These community events all have different formats and rules than the MDI, so definitely check them out if you’re looking to get creative and competitive!

Photo Credit: Reece Martinez for Blizzard Entertainment

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With so many reasons to run Mythic+ your next question probably is, “How do I get started?”

Learn more in Chapter 2: What You Need to Know for Your First M+ Run!

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