Dragonflight MDI Season 1: Highlights[View Season Finals]

The Mythic Dungeon International returns for the first season of Dragonflight!
It's time to smash the Mythic+ Meta! 💥 Compete in our Break the Meta event NOW to earn in-game prizes by pushing keys with only off-meta specs. 🤯
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Dragonflight MDI Season 1 is here![view official announcement]
  • See which team can qualify for the next phase of the competition.
  • Teams are ranked by both the level and speed that they push keys.
  • The top 24 teams will qualify for the Group Stage!

Dragonflight MDI Season 1

Refreshing now...
Apr 2 2023 22:43 UTC(54 weeks ago)
Well, the MDI is over, and life feels empty again. :(

We want to thank all of you who joined us for our coverage throughout this first MDI season of Dragonflight, and hope that you enjoyed our content and coverage. There is a lot more M+ content to get hyped for this month, so make sure to sign up or follow all the upcoming M+ keypushing and speedrunning events!

From all of us here at Raider.IO, have a good day, evening or night, and see you soon. Thanks for watching and reading. <3
Apr 2 2023 22:31 UTC(54 weeks ago)
The Great Push will make its return in Season 2 of Dragonflight as well, and as was already announced earlier this year, it will be a more fleshed out esports circuit this time around, likely similar to the MDI itself, as it will receive its own fully-fledged season format!

Apr 2 2023 22:22 UTC(54 weeks ago)
What an incredible MDI this was, with so many amazing performances by all the competing teams. No one looked like they didn't deserve to be here, and almost every single series went into all 3 games. While Echo ultimately takes home another MDI crown and matching set of gold medals for themselves, it was a hardfought victory with many teams looking to knock them off the pedestal.

In the end they pulled through though, but it wasn't just because of their own great performance, but because they needed other teams to mess up. This, more than anything, tells how evenly matched many of this weekends competitors were, and we've now seen that even titans can bleed.

Congratulations to Echo, and big props to Mandatory, Legendary, Perplexed, Cheese, Thundered, Sloth and Donuts for putting on such a great and amazing show for all of us. We hope to see all of you again next time around!
Apr 2 2023 22:20 UTC(54 weeks ago)
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