Introducing: Raider.IO Live Tracking Feature

We are proud to unveil the latest addition to the Raider.IO suite of tools used to track, manage, and maintain the progress of your World of Warcraft characters. During the recent Race to World First we worked closely with several guilds to track their pulls and raid progress with early access to our Live Tracking feature, and we're now ready to release it for everyone!

What is Raider.IO Live Tracking?

Live Tracking allows you to have your Raids and Mythic+ runs instantly tracked via your WoW Combat Log. You'll get several immediate benefits with this feature:

  • Instant updates on the site. Right after you finish a boss or Mythic+ run the progress updates will appear right away on the site.
  • Improved reliability. The combat log will act as another source for data, so if a run or raid is ever not able to be tracked via Blizzard's API, it will be trackable via this feature.
  • Accurate group compositions. Raids and Mythic+ comps will now reflect the exact gear, and talents that each player was wearing at the time it was recorded. This even allows your raid kills to properly represent any cross-realm members.

How does it look on the site?

You can spot Raid Kills and Runs that have been detected with Live Tracking by looking for the orange verified badge in the top left, like the World 3rd Sire Denathrius kill by Pieces:

Or a recently tracked Mythic Plus run by players in China, where the API is not supported:

How do you get started?

We designed this feature to be as effortless and hands-off as possible. Once set up properly it will automatically make sure your runs & raids are logged live, and that your combat log never grows too large. If you decide you'd rather not have auto archiving you can always turn it off in the SETTINGS screen.

  • Download the Raider.IO Desktop Client (or update to version 2.0.2 or higher)
  • Turn on Live Tracking in the Client. You'll be prompted on first start, but can also do this later in the SETTINGS screen.
  • Load World of Warcraft (or run "/console reloadui" if already in-game)

Once you've done this you'll see combat logging turned on automatically when you zone into a dungeon or raid on supported difficulties. As long as one member in your party is running Live Tracking, then the encounter or run will be tracked for the whole group.

Redundancy is always good though, in case someone were to crash or sit out on a run or raid. So we recommend having as many players enable Live Tracking as you can.

We're excited to finally release this feature! This is a foundational piece of several other features we have in development, and we can't wait to share more on that as we get closer.

Check it out the new Live Tracking feature and let us know your thoughts on our Discord.