Raider.IO 7 Year Anniversary Event!

Can you believe it? Today is the 7th Anniversary of Raider.IO! On January 24th, 2017, the first version of Raider.IO launched, providing Character and Guild progression statistics. A lot has changed since then, but our core mission stays the same: provide the best features and services that we can for the World of Warcraft Community.

To celebrate our 7th Anniversary, we’re holding a fun Mythic+ event, centred around our newest feature: the Mythic+ Replay System. So join us in marking this milestone, and win some prizes while you’re at it! Read on to learn more about the Raider.IO 7 Year Anniversary Mythic+ Replay Event.

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About the Event


To celebrate our 7th Anniversary, we are creating a special Anniversary Replay Set in the Mythic+ Replay System. This Anniversary Set will include the current fastest timed +7s of each dungeon on Live servers. Add the Anniversary Set to your Replays, run dungeons with one of the Anniversary dungeons as your active Replay in-game, and ensure you have Live Tracking enabled, and you’ll earn raffle entries into the prize draw - it’s that easy!

There’s no registration required, you simply need to activate the Anniversary Set in your Mythic+ Replays System on the website, select the Anniverary Replay in the Replay UI when you enter a dungeon, and run your dungeons as usual with Live Tracking turned on.

There will be four separate levels of raffle prizes, determined by the level of keystone completed, with one winner per prize, per eligible region (NA / EU / TW), for a total of 12 lucky winners!

Event participation will be on an individual basis. This means that you can play with any number of people throughout the event in various groups, including pugs, and it will not affect your prize eligibility or progress, as long as you are running with the required Live Tracking and Raider.IO Anniversary Replay selected in-game!


The Competition Period lasts for the following dates:

January 24 - January 31, 2024

The Competition Period is officially OPEN NOW, and will end at 12pm PST on the final date for all regions.

In order for your dungeons to earn raffle entries, you must have Live Tracking enabled on your Raider.IO Desktop Client! Read more about this feature here.


The Mythic+ Replay System is our newest feature, launched last year, as a way to compare your dungeons in real-time to those already completed. You can replay against your own past dungeons, those of your guild or friends, or even those at the top of the leaderboards!

Included in the Replay System is boss split timers, trash count, deaths and more. The Replay System is an excellent way to practice and improve your Mythic+ gameplay, or even as the basis of fun in-house competitions!


We’re happy to announce that we will have four separate prize offerings for this event, available based on multiples of 7. Whether you’re tackling +7 keystones or +28, there are prizes for players of all skill levels! As a reminder, every dungeon you complete during the Competition Period using the an Anniversary Replay Set dungeon chosen as your Replay in the Replay UI in-game (and with Live Tracking enabled) will earn you ONE entry into the raffles described below.

⚠️Each Blizzard Account is eligible for one of each of the prize offerings⚠️

Blizzard Store Pet of Your Choice

Earn raffle entries for this in-game reward by completing keys on keystone levels +7 to +13!

Blizzard Store Mount of Your Choice

For every key completed on +14 and up to +20, gain an entry to the raffle for a great new companion!

World of Warcraft Game Time

Players able to complete their keystones at levels +21 to +27 will earn a chance to win 60 days of WoW Game Time.

Anniversary Prize Bundle

And for all those high-key pushers, players who achieve the highest Mythic+ runs – at +28 or higher – will have the opportunity to win the Anniversary Prize Bundle, a collection of the following wondrous in-game prizes:

  • 60 days World of Warcraft Game Time
  • Blizzard Store Mount of your choice
  • Blizzard Store Pet of your choice

In order to win any of the prizes, you must complete dungeons during the Competition Period while using the Raider.IO Client with Live Tracking enabled and running the Mythic+ Replay System with one of the Raider.IO Anniversary Replay Set dungeons selected in-game. Dungeons are not required to be timed, but they must be fully completed. Every completed dungeon at +7 or higher earns you 1 entry into the appropriate raffle based on keystone level, and 12 lucky winners will be chosen after the event ends! Prizes are only available to players in the NA, EU and TW regions.

⚠️Dungeons without Live Tracking and an Anniversary Replay Set dungeon selected as a chosen Replay in-game will not count as an entry for any of the above prizes.⚠️


  • The Raider.IO 7-Year Anniversary Event prizes are open to players in the NA, EU, and TW regions.
  • In order for a run to be eligible, the dungeon must be completed, but it is not required to be in-time.
  • Each Blizzard Account is only eligible for one of each of the different prizes.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any run for any reason.
  • To be eligible for prizes you must be LIVE tracking your runs while using a dungeon from the Raider.IO Anniversary Replay Set as your selected Replay in-game.
  • In order to facilitate prizing, please ensure you have your Discord and BattleTag IDs properly synced to your Raider.IO User Profile. If we cannot get in touch with you, we cannot award you prizes! If we do not hear back from you within 48 hours of attempting to award you a prize, then your prizes will be forfeited.

Winners will be contacted by February 12th, 2024.

In order to gain entries to the raffle you need to run with Live Tracking enabled in your Raider.IO Desktop Client to ensure that all your runs are properly tracked and verified! Read more about this feature here.

Raider.IO Desktop Client

Since using the Raider.IO Desktop Client is a requirement for being entered into the raffle for our Anniversary Prizes, we want to show you all the several benefits that you do not want to miss out on using our client!

One of the biggest upsides of using the Raider.IO Desktop Client is that the client updates your runs to the leaderboard almost instantaneously. This allows you to check up on your ranking shortly after finishing a run, instead of waiting for your score to get updated correctly. It also solves the issue of runs that are difficult to track via the API, such as runs that were of a lower key-level than a depleted run of a higher key-level that had the same five players and group composition.

Another benefit is that you will be able to use our two newest Raider.IO features: The Auto Route Creator, and the Mythic+ Replay feature! You will be able to quickly take a look at another group's routes and replays, or use your own, to continuously improve over the course of your Mythic+ journey!

Even without any prior runs, you can add our Just In Time replay presets, which will allow you to compare your current run to a set of boss and mob-count timers that give you a good idea of whether your current run is still timable or not!

All that’s left to do is to dust off those party hats and join us in celebrating 7 years of Raider.IO by smashing some keys!

Good luck to all competitors, and most importantly…have fun!