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RWF: What Are "Splits"?

As you watch the Race to World First, you will inevitably hear the term "Splits" or "Split-Running". This has become a hallmark of the RWF process, and we're here to break it down for you! Have you ever wanted to know what Splits are, how they work, and why they're worth doing? Read on!

Community Spotlight: Cruella

With the RWF of Amirdrassil on its way, we present this spotlight on none other than CruellaDK! Cruella is a renowned RWF raider in Method and WoW streamer, and she's also been seen casting official Blizzard events such as the MDI and TGP. Learn more about Cruella’s path to becoming a RWF raider, how she manages career challenges, what class she would love to see implemented into the game, and more!

Exclusive BlizzCon Interview: Morgan Day and George Velev

At BlizzCon, we were honored to sit down with two prolific developers of World of Warcraft: Morgan Day and George Velev. In this transcription of our live interview, hear their answers to our burning questions, such as the effects of third-party addons on raid encounter design, future consequences for Mythic+ keystone deserters and depleted runs, the accuracy of measuring Augmentation Evoker performance, the evolution in the philosophy of Mythic+, and more.

Guild Spotlight: Honolulu

Currently ranked #21 guild in the world, Honolulu has had a meteoric rise into the top echelon of WoW raiding since BFA. From their guild trips to Prague, to their incredible memes, community events, and infamous reclears, come learn more about Honolulu as we chat with their GM Purke and officers Jillz, Barrys, and Sesha!

RWF Guild Spotlight: Method

With BlizzCon and Patch 10.2 around the corner, the RWF for Amirdrassil is on its way. Today, we chat with Method raiders such as Cayna, Cruella, Dan, Speed, and Hannah about their plans for the upcoming raid, their roster changes, and more!

RWF Guild Spotlight: Echo

With BlizzCon and Patch 10.2 around the corner, the RWF for Amirdrassil is on its way. Today, we chat with Echo raiders such as Meeres, Tobo, Xerwo, Kush, Stove, and Velo about their plans for the upcoming raid.

An Inside Look at Private Auras

Patch 10.1 saw the introduction of Private Auras - abilities that could not be tracked via Addons or WeakAuras. Only three mechanics were hidden this way in Aberrus, but the upcoming raid promises to have at least 20 of them. How impactful are Private Auras? Will Amirdrassil become a repeat of the Echo of Neltharion dilemma? Join us for an inside look!

RWF Guild Spotlight: Liquid

With raid testing underway on the PTR for Amirdrassil and Patch 10.2 around the corner, we sat down to chat with Scott, Sanghelios, Atlas, and Emsy of World First guild, Liquid. Read on to learn more about Liquid’s plans for Amirdrassil, their reflections on the RWF of Aberrus, and more.

Guild Spotlight: Conspiracy

Today, we had the privilege of chatting with raiders from Conspiracy - the world #9 guild in the RWF of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible. Read on to learn more about Conspiracy and their secrets to success!

The RWF Awards: Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible!

It's time yet again for the Raider.IO RWF Awards! Check out all the nominees for the RWF Awards for the recent 10.1 Aberrus Race, and vote on your favourites! Support your favourite guilds, players, orgs, and memes... voting is open NOW until 11:59pm PDT on Sunday, June 4th.

The RWF and Dungeons: Why Top Guilds Spam Mythic+

During the RWF, it often seems like players spend a large chunk of time doing tasks and chores that are adjacent to raiding rather than actually progressing on a new boss. Why is that? Why are some players doing keys while the rest of their team is raiding? Read on to learn why RWF guilds spend so much time in dungeons!

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible: RWF Event Guide

The wait is finally over! The Race for World First for Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible starts today, and numerous guilds are putting on a great show for all the RWF enthusiasts and newcomers alike. If you want to know more about which guilds will be producing events, what charities they are raising funds for, or where to find your favorite talent, our RWF Event Guide has it all!

An Inside Look: Aberrus Loot Changes and the Return of Rare Items

Patch 10.1 and Aberrus are less than a week away, and with that comes a handful of loot changes that may affect early gearing and “split runs” in the RWF. Join us for an inside look at how tier sets, the omnitoken, and rare items will work in Aberrus!

The RWF of Aberrus: Rosters, China, and More!

With Aberrus soon opening its doors, the RWF guilds are in full-on preparation mode. They have not been idle since the Vault of the Incarnated RWF has ended, however, and every guild has plenty of new players in their roster. We've taken a look at some of the new players, and how much has changed since we last saw everybody compete in the RWF. We've also taken a look at the situation in China, and we come bearing good news!

Community Spotlight: Emsy

Today, we had the privilege of chatting with Emsy, our Featured Streamer of the week! Emsy is a passionate WoW player, mentor in Liquid Women in Warcraft, and the newest addition to Liquid's raiding roster for the RWF. Read on to learn more about her history in WoW, her passion for mentoring, the path towards becoming a RWF raider, and more.

Fireside Tales: The Mysteries of Aberrus

With the opening of Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible on the horizon, let's cozy up by the fire to explore some of the mysteries shrouding this ominous raid instance. Grab some marshmallows and join us for some lore!

Community Spotlight: RageDarling

Today, we had the privilege of chatting with our Featured Streamer of the week: RageDarling! Learn more about her passion for WoW, content creation, streaming, roleplaying, cosplaying, and most recently…casting!

Group Loot in Vault of the Incarnates: Do We Like It?

After two expansions of forced Personal Loot, Dragonflight opted to implement Group Loot with no trade restrictions instead. The aim was to give players more control over loot distribution in raids...but was it a success? Today we explore the pros and cons of the loot system in Vault of the Incarnates, the impact on tier sets, and how things could be improved in the future.

Community Spotlight: Wolfdisco

Today, we had the privilege of chatting with our Raider.IO Featured Streamer of the week: the high-ranked, multi-classing, and very chill, Wolfdisco! Learn about Wolfdisco’s history in the RWF, his passion for the MDI, his fascination with multi-classing, and so much more!

"Heroic Week" - Yay or Nay?

With the launch of Vault of the Incarnates, we saw all raid difficulties release at the same time for the first time in WoW raiding history — but how did it all play out in action for different types of guilds? Did raiders like it? Today, we share some thoughts and player perspectives on the pros and cons of the simultaneous raid release of Vault of the Incarnates.

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