AFDL Spring Clash: Event and Teams Preview

This coming weekend, the Armed Forces Dungeon League (AFDL) is thrilled to unveil the return of its highly anticipated World of Warcraft Mythic+ Series with the AFDL Spring Clash!

The AFDL, in partnership with Chaos Creative and Raider.IO, provides Mythic+ events for active service personnel and veterans of military organizations around the world regardless of branch or nationality. Following the success of the inaugural season in 2023, AFDL is gearing up for an even more thrilling experience in 2024 with three Clash events and a Winter Invitational.

The AFDL Spring Clash event is an invitational “Clash of Champions” – featuring the winners of each of the Clash events in 2023. Tune into the event LIVE on Friday, April 12th at 10 AM PST / 7 PM CEST through April 14th on the AFDL Twitch channel.

Read on to learn more about the AFDL Spring Clash and the competing teams!

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Armed Forces Dungeon League

The Armed Force Dungeon League (AFDL) is committed to providing military personnel worldwide with a fun, competitive, family-friendly way to interact through esports.

“I have been playing WoW for almost 20 years now and it has been one of the most impactful things in my life. My dad and I came to bond growing up raiding from Vanilla to MoP, and even my groomsmen in my wedding were people I met through the game. Competing with AFG and in the AFDL has allowed me to not only combine two major factors of my life (the military and gaming) but also have the opportunity to compete alongside as well as against other service members. It has been an amazing experience, and I have gotten to meet some very incredible people throughout its process.”Dris (Air Force Gaming)

Although First Person Shooter (FPS) games are overrepresented in most other military esports, the AFDL promotes events targeted at more family-friendly titles. The success of the AFDL World of Warcraft CLASH pilot events in 2022 and the inaugural Mythic+ Season in 2023 proved that military organizations are willing to support tournaments and events for non-shooter games.

You can support the AFDL and its mission by volunteering or donating here! All funds raised by the AFDL are split between their charity incentives and league operations.

AFDL Spring Clash Preview - Teams

The AFDL Spring Clash is a clash of CHAMPIONS! The event is an invitational Mythic+ keypushing tournament that is similar in structure and format to The Great Push (TGP). The event will see the four winning teams from previous AFDL Clash events competing over the course of the weekend:

Coast Guard Gaming is a military esports community with a passion for camaraderie, personal growth, and inclusivity. Composed of active duty, reservists, and veterans, with over 1000 active members, they harness the power of gaming to build lasting connections and promote the well-being of Coast Guard personnel.

Dive into the heart of heroism with the Warrior GMR Foundation, where American veterans and vibrant youth unite through the power of gaming. Beyond entertainment, games are a beacon for health, wellness, and community connection. Each game played, every interaction, is a step toward healing and unity. Where gaming ignites transformation, fosters bonds, and births legends, Warrior GMR is where heroes game and communities flourish.

Ukrainian WoW is a large community of Ukrainian World of Warcraft players, with over 2400 players in 30+ guilds to date! Their mission is to popularize WoW esports and unite Ukrainian players across the European realms, shining a spotlight on Ukrainian YouTubers and streamers, raising money for their community, organizing Mythic+ tournaments, and even developing their own addon that translates WoW to Ukrainian.

The United States Army eSports Team is made up of members drawn from the Regular Army and Army Reserves. Their mission is to represent the Army in competitions nationwide, and make their Soldiers more visible and relatable to the public.