Raider.IO Riddle Solution: Seat of the Triumvirate

Yesterday on our new Raider.IO Riddles series, we highlighted one of the most notorious Mythic+ dungeons of all time: Seat of the Triumvirate.

Read on for the solution!


For old-school Mythic+ enthusiasts, Seat of the Triumvirate quickly became known as a particularly stressful instance. Even after a slew of hotfixes in Patch 7.3.2 to decrease its difficulty, Seat was still dreaded by many for its dangerous enemies, punishing bosses, and invisible packs patrolling large areas.

The terrain is littered with void zones that make space constraints feel tight, as the Void Discharges gain a 100% damage increase buff called Void Infusion whenever they stand upon these dark patches. As soon as adventurers make their way past the first boss, they are tracked by periodic spawns of Fragmented Voidlings until players defeat three Rift Wardens to seal off fissures. These Voidling spawns land in a large AoE, and are also affected by the Void Infusion buff much like the Void Discharges. These mobs award no enemy forces count but they sure do serve to keep you in combat or surprise you at, perhaps, the worst possible moments. Remember trying to kite giant pulls in this dungeon while dropping Necrotic stacks? Pretty scary.

In fact, one of the most infamous MDI matches in history took place in Seat and amounted to a staggering total of 89 deaths between the two teams:

Cirra of Kjell’s Angels, the victor of the first-ever MDI Global Finals LAN event (July 2018), weighs in on his experience with competitive Seat maps:

“Every single mob in this instance had some kind of weird pathing or stealth ability. No two runs were ever the same! Once you got behind, it was very hard to salvage a run and pull it back, as team Stupid Mistakes painfully discovered. With Tazavesh currently being tested on the PTR and soon to be added as a Mythic+ dungeon in Shadowlands, maybe we'll see the curse of Seat of the Triumvirate return to Warcraft again!” —Cirra

For these reasons, our Seat of the Triumvirate riddle was written to provoke a sense of fear and anxiety. It’s a vibe.

The Breakdown

“Where once reigned a pillar of order and rule, a relic now stands veiled in darkness most cruel. Nevertheless should you find yourself here, an ancient crown rests beyond chasms of fear.”

Seat of the Triumvirate was once a center of governance of Eredar until an unholy bargain was struck with Sargeras. Upon Kil’Jaedan’s orders to abandon the Seat, it fell into shadow and became a source for those with ambitions to harness the power of the Void. Important clues lie in “relic” and “an ancient crown”, as these mentions refer to the three gems called the Crest of Knowledge, Sigil of Awakening, and Velen’s Eye of Prophecy, which are embedded within the Crown of the Triumvirate.

Don’t forget to tune in next week on our Twitter to crack another Raider.IO Riddle! Congratulations to TwikTV and TimBlac for guessing the correct answer to our riddle for Seat of the Triumvirate!


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