World First Mythic+ 25 Completed by Chinese Team!

Update: We now also have the video of the clear!

A big barrier has been broken today as we see the very first timed +25 of Shadowlands! A Chinese team has conquered The Necrotic Wake. We once again caught wind of this achievement thanks to many of the top players in China now running the Raider.IO Client which contains our exclusive Live Tracking feature. This feature allows us to view details of Mythic+ and raid progress despite the API not being supported in China.

The same team also took down a +24 timed Necrotic Wake previously, so they have plenty of experience in the dungeon. For comparison, the highest we ever got in Battle for Azeroth Season 1 was a +22 (Tol Dagor) clear and you can check out that run here.

As finding a video from the Chinese side of things is tricky this fast after a clear, here's Dratnos talking about the team composition and other interesting details:

Dratnos' Thoughts
Once again we have a World First keystone level achievement from the Chinese region - this time featuring players you may remember from earlier seasons such as Himelody the mage. This team did not stack 5 night elves, but they did use the Master Assassin legendary power on their Outlaw Rogue - this is a very powerful option in the Necrotic Wake in particular because the 100% crit it grants for 4 seconds after exiting stealth applies to damage from the weapons found around the dungeon as well. Necrotic Wake had already been a popular option for World First level keys, but the past few weeks have seen a series of nerfs to the dungeon that were aimed at players struggling in the complex dungeon in lower level keystones - these nerfs have made the dungeon even more favorable for players seeking to time the highest keys.

The rest of the composition holds few surprises, though a lot has changed from a few weeks ago, with Holy Paladin now dominating the healer meta. Unlike in raid, where Venthyr Paladins were extremely valuable early in progression due to their damage and additional raid cooldown in Ashen Hallow, M+ Holy Paladins are mostly opting to play Kyrian, which basically gives them a button to top the entire party once every minute. The DPS composition of Fire Mage, Outlaw Rogue, and Balance Druid is also fairly typical of the metagame at this point, though a few other specs such as Windwalker can and do show up in top groups. Fire and Balance both benefit from being uncapped AoE specs that also deploy massive burst, while Outlaw's utility toolkit remains second to none. The Vengeance Demon Hunter in the tank role is also no surprise - this spec's damage, utility, and survivability are all incredible.

Huge congratulations to the team as this is truly one of the bigger milestones we've seen in Mythic+ so far!