Mists of Tirna Scithe +17 Solo Clear in 6.5 Hours

We're always looking at new and interesting group compositions here at Raider.IO, and this one, this one is VERY interesting and creative. Mulini has decided to ignore the meta and take down a +17 Mists of Tirna Scithe with a 1 Blood Death Knight composition, and it only took about 6 and a half hours! That's a whole lot of dedication for a Great Vault Slot, although it's perhaps more likely they actually did it for the challenge and fun of it! We have the video featuring the full build made specifically for the dungeon, as well as an in-depth explanation for each boss and more below:

It's a little unusual seeing these runs with just one player, but here it is!

Now let's get a quick summary and analysis of everything that was going on in there from our Mythic+ expert, Dratnos:

Dratnos' Thoughts
This impressive run features very creative strategies and a tremendous amount of persistence. The video itself does a great job explaining all of the core tactics, which include the use of the Gorefiend's Domination legendary and the Red Thirst talent to get back to Vampiric Blood quickly enough and Splintered Heart of A'lar as a potent cheat death that's up for every single pull (since they all last longer than its 8 minute cooldown!)

Some pulls are just impossible, like the Tirnenn Villager one near the start of the dungeon, so Door of Shadows is used to skip that one. Other pulls, like the first boss fight, aren't impossible but are extremely time consuming, as the less damage you have, the more intermission phases you get on that fight. It ended up taking almost 2 hours in this run! The video is really fantastic and you should check it out if you want to learn more - it's condensed down to only 6 minutes and explains the key tactics as well as featuring a damage breakdown at the end!

Let's also hear from Mulini, as they go over some of the details of the run and build choices in the video description:

1st Boss:
Takes forever... I think taking Draven was a mistake, because of the high movement. Maybe even using +min% Death Strike as conduit would be better. Swapping Scale with Sire would be an option. The fight also isn’t spiky/unpredictable enough to really justify the sunking trinket.

2nd Boss:
Don’t use cds outside of intermission. Soft enrage is around 2min. For the adds use ams→ibf→run→ams. Mabye for higher keys you go amb for ams→ibf→ams→run→ams.

3rd Boss:
I was unnecessarily worried about the scaling of the swirlies. Pretty boring/easy.

I used VB reduce as full-def all-around legendary. DRW would be better on some/most trash packs but lose value on bosses/kiting more then VB. Chest just isn’t defensive enough. It would probably be really good on last boss, especially for higher keys with increasing target-count/AE-dps check. DS refund is just plain worse than VB if using RD and VB on CD if no pooling is required.


Q: But why?
A: Yes, why what?

Q: Are you recommending this setup for my weekly +14/15?
A: Not at all.

Q: Is EH or raw HPS more of a Problem?
A: rHPS for sure. I played the VB-legendary really bad because I don’t really use it and so my overheal/buffer are ludicrously low with 1.24%(1st boss)/3.96%(overall) for DS.

Q: Are higher Keys possible to do solo?
A: As a bdk i think maybe 1-3 levels higher. For other tanks i don‘t know.

This is a really awesome run and we hope to see a lot more in the future, both from Mulini and others, as players test what is possible in Mythic+ at the moment. In the meantime, make sure to check out Mulini on YouTube, as there are more solo efforts from BfA raids and Mythic+.