ANNOUNCING: Raider.IO & Keystone.Guru Come to Classic WoW!

Raider.IO is Coming to Classic WoW!

That’s right…we are thrilled to announce that Raider.IO is expanding into World of Warcraft Classic! What does this mean for you, Classic fans? It means you’ll finally have one central hub to find Character, Guild, and Realm data. It means events, content, and the Raider.IO Recruitment System will be available for players of WoW Classic Era, and eventually WoW Classic (WotLK). It means features, tools, and so much more all at your fingertips!

We are working hard to get everything up and running as soon after the launch of the Official Hardcore Realms as possible, so keep your eyes – and your browser tab – open over at! While it may take a day or two for the new version of the site to be up and running, we are also happy to announce a new set of Dungeon maps for Classic will be available on Hardcore Launch later today on Keystone.Guru!

We’ve mapped out enemies, patrols, and more, for all the WoW Classic Dungeons you might be venturing into throughout your Hardcore adventures. Read on to learn more!

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Raider.IO Classic

We have long wanted to provide the Raider.IO suite of services and tools to the Classic WoW Community. We were unable to do so due to the unfortunate unavailability of the API – however, that is about to change! Blizzard recently announced that API documentation for WoW Classic Era will be available to coincide with the launch of the Official Hardcore Realms.

Over the years, Raider.IO has grown tremendously, and we’re proud of the features and tools we’ve created for the Warcraft Community…but at our core, Raider.IO’s mission is to provide WoW players with access to easily-digestible data and information. This is what we aim to bring to the Classic WoW Community – one central spot for all of your data needs!

With Raider.IO Classic, look up individual Characters and see their current gear and statistics, their talent choices, their Raid Progression, and more. No more building your gear set or talent choices each time just to show someone your Character! You will be able to view Guild rosters and profiles, as well as Server/Realm information including population, faction balance, rankings, and more.

But that’s not all, as we’re also bringing the Raider.IO Recruitment System to Classic Guilds! Gone are the days of having to find a Discord server for each Realm and sift through all the copy-pasted messages. No longer will you need to find guilds in trade chat or other nefarious places.

We will need to run some tests as soon as the Hardcore Realms launch, but should be up and running shortly thereafter! Keep your eyes on our Twitter to know when it’s live. To start, the database will function for Classic Era players only, but do not fret, Wrath of the Lich King players, we haven’t forgotten about you! Once the API becomes available, we’ll have things up and running… hopefully by the time we venture into Icecrown Citadel to face off against the Lich King!

Keystone.Guru Classic Maps

Are you planning on playing on the Official Hardcore Realms when they open? Are you relatively new to Classic WoW, or has it just been so long that you forgot where Mankrik’s wife is? Do you happen to remember that Classic Dungeons have no maps? That’s right, when you zone into a Dungeon on Classic Era servers, you’ll find no map, no directions, no GPS to tell you where to go.

Not only that, but Dungeon mobs can be some of the most dangerous on Hardcore if you’re not prepared for them, and you’ve never seen a patrol quite like a Classic Dungeon patrol – they can be very lengthy and can truly be devastating to your party if they surprise you. Give yourself an advantage with the Keystone.Guru Classic Maps because if you die on Hardcore, there’s no resurrection and no second chances!

When the Hardcore Realms go live later today, you will be able to access Keystone.Guru Classic Maps for the following Dungeons:

The goal was to ensure all low-level Dungeons would be available on Hardcore Servers Launch as the leveling extravaganza begins. Higher level Dungeons will be coming soon!

To see a Map, simply go to Keystone.Guru Classic and select your Dungeon. You can leave it as is, or you can mark it up and easily link it to your teammates to indicate your plan of attack – preparation is key when you’re only allowed to do 1 Dungeon per day. You can learn more about each enemy by clicking on its icon, see where loot chests may sometimes be located, and see the extensive patrol routes. Don’t get caught unawares by a patrolling Scarlet Beastmaster and his Hound!

Special thanks to Puray for assistance in building the Maps!

We are very excited to start expanding our services, features, content, and more into the WoW Classic Community. If you have any questions or feedback on things you’d like to see make their way to, head on over to our Discord Server and let us know!