Announcing our NEW Recruitment System!

Today marks the 5-year anniversary of Raider.IO! To celebrate this milestone, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re launching something that has been in the works for years: our official Recruitment System.

Raider.IO was founded by Jah and Ulsoga with the vision of becoming a platform for player recruitment for World of Warcraft PvE content. Instead of creating only a recruitment platform, they wanted to make a website that players would enjoy for other reasons as well. This led to progression tracking, the creation of Raider.IO Score, working with the WoW Esports team on the MDI, hosting and facilitating community events, and more!

Fortunately, we have finally managed to find ourselves in a place where we can focus on crafting a truly all-encompassing Recruitment System for the World of Warcraft community. We are thrilled to announce that the open beta of the Raider.IO Recruitment System is now LIVE — 5 years to the day after Raider.IO first launched!

Our intention and vision for this Recruitment System is to satisfy the needs of all players and groups. We want to make it a painless process to search for what you want, and to connect with others. With the Raider.IO Recruitment System, we hope the community will find recruiting to be easier, faster, more intuitive, and hassle-free!

To keep the celebrations going, we’re also hosting an anniversary Giveaway! We’ve got a bunch of in-game prizes to give away, as well as AOTC achievements for the upcoming 9.2 raid, Sepulcher of the First Ones, with the best guilds in the world!

Table of Contents

Find Groups for Any Activity

We recognize that there is so much more to World of Warcraft than just raiding with a guild. Therefore, the Raider.IO Recruitment System makes it possible to find or recruit for a plethora of activities!

Our Recruitment System supports recruiting for Guild Raiding, Guild Mythic+, Guild PvP, Social Guilds, and Mythic+ Teams! Upcoming support for the recruitment of Mythic+ Teams is based on our Mythic+ Teams Feature, which was first launched in November of 2020.

Find Matches That Fit Your Criteria

Our Recruitment System has a number of built-in parameters that allow you to tailor your search to truly populate the results you want. When building a profile for a Player or a Group (Guild or Mythic+ Team), you can curate exactly what you are looking for, such as:

  • Set minimum and maximum requirements for raid progression, item level, Mythic+ Score, and more
  • Set strict schedules or allow for a flexible range
  • Specify which classes and specs you are looking for
  • Allow for any players to apply

Once you have set your requirements, your search results will be ranked in terms of relevance. Your top results will be those that most closely resemble your profile.

Get the results you want quickly, efficiently, and without spending hours scrolling through
hundreds of recruitment posts!

Further Refine Your Search Results

We have included even more ways to refine your recruitment needs via our Tag and Filter system. When building a profile, you can add certain Tags that will help further curate your search results. Players and Groups with the same tags will rank higher on your search.

From the search results page, you can also filter down to specific realms, and so much more!

Discover Players, Guilds, and Mythic+ Teams

Our goal is to make recruitment seamless and accessible, not a chore. To ensure that recruitment is as easy as possible for both Groups and Players, we have included a feature that integrates your recruitment profiles throughout the entirety of the Raider.IO site. If a Group or Player has a public recruitment profile active, a badge will be visible next to their name on all leaderboards, character profiles, guild pages, and Mythic+ team profiles. If you hover your mouse over this badge, you can see a summary tooltip of the recruitment profile — all without having to leave the page or open a new tab.

Coming very soon, we will be implementing Mythic+ Teams to our new Recruitment System, so keep your eyes peeled!

Apply, Recruit, and Communicate Directly

When it really comes down to it, the Raider.IO staff is composed of long-time players and proponents of WoW, so we have combined our collective experience to design our Recruitment System.

One of the most frustrating parts of recruiting is communication. Therefore, we have created an on-platform communication system specifically for recruiting!

Gone are the days of having to add battletag after battletag and hoping the player logs on, or sending Discord friend requests that sit “pending” forever. With the Raider.IO Recruitment System, you can send messages to Groups or Players directly from their recruitment profile, which will open a shared chat thread accessible to the Player and anyone in an Officer or Recruiter rank in the Group.

Easily communicate back-and-forth without having to rely on third-party chat servers. Threads can be closed when communication has concluded, and there is also a block function for privacy and protection.

Get in touch with prospective Players and Guilds easily and quickly. Recruitment doesn’t need to be a tedious process!

Getting Started

Ready to connect with guilds and players? Click here for our step-by-step tutorial and FAQs!

Have feedback on the Recruitment System or encounter any bugs or issues? Please head on over to the #recruitment-feedback channel in our Discord here and let us know! We appreciate all feedback and will be monitoring this channel closely to ensure our Recruitment System is top-notch.

Anniversary Giveaway

It wouldn’t be an Anniversary celebration without a Giveaway, and we’re excited to provide some amazing prizes for the WoW Community!

We’ve teamed up with the best raiding guilds in the world to give you the chance to win an Ahead of the Curve achievement kill of the Jailer in the upcoming 9.2 raid, Sepulcher of the First Ones! The premiere squads of Echo, Liquid, Pieces, and BDGG have generously offered one AOTC kill each. That’s 4 very lucky players!

We’ve also got some great in-game prizes available, including World of Warcraft game time, Blizzard Store mounts and pets, and even the now-unobtainable Crown of Eternal Winter transmog item!

You can enter the 5th Anniversary Giveaway via Gleam. There are lots of different ways you can take part, but to really boost your odds, you’ll want to complete all of the actions!

The Giveaway will be open until 11:59pm PST on January 31st, 2022.

If you have issues with the widget above, then click here instead!

Rules and Qualifications

  • Void where prohibited.
  • Prizes are open to anyone, anywhere.
  • No one may win more than one prize.
  • If you win, the Gleam page will be updated to include your first name and last initial as it's known to Gleam. Winners will be contacted via the Discord profile or email address associated with Gleam. Winners will have 14 days to respond to that communication or the prize will be forfeited. Please allow 1-2 weeks for winners to be selected.
  • We reserve the right to disqualify any fraudulent entry.