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The Raider.IO team relies on advertising to give you Raiding, Mythic+, and Recruitment features for free. Disable your ad blocker to support our work.
Alternatively, donate to the site through Patreon to disable ads & get extra perks.
Leaderboard rankings from previous Shadowlands seasons continue to be repopulated. Thanks for your patience!

New Feature: Create Your Own Mythic+ Teams!

We’re excited to announce the addition of the Raider.IO Mythic+ Team System! This is something we have had in the works for quite a while now and we are proud to bring it to the World of Warcraft community right in time for Shadowlands!

This system is an important building block for our long term feature plans, so we are eager to tell you all about it and allow you to start creating your own teams with your friends!

What is the New Mythic+ Team Feature?

The Teams Feature allows you to create a Mythic+ team with 5 to 7 other players. Once you have registered, you can raise your team’s Raider.IO score by completing runs together as a group. The group must be composed of 100% team members for these runs to count. The teams will then be ranked by their best runs from each dungeon (similar to characters), and can be filtered by the standard Faction, Region, and Subregion filters.

We’ve also added two new filters for teams:

  • Filter by Raider.IO Bracket: This allows you to view teams whose max key level falls within pre-defined brackets. This will empower teams to track meaningful progression at whichever level they are playing at!
  • Filter by Weekly Reset: This allows you to view the teams that were on top for a specific week’s affixes, or across the entire season.

How Do I Make a Mythic+ Team?

Team Charter

Creation of a Mythic+ Team functions similarly to creating an in-game guild. First, the Captain of the team will create a Team Charter on Raider.IO. You can enter your own team name (or use our random team name generator), then select your Faction, Region and Subregion. Picking a Subregion allows your team to rank on the Subregion’s leaderboard, but your roster will be limited to characters only in that Subregion. Conversely, if you opt out of choosing a Subregion, you can have players on your team from the entire Region, but your team will not show up on any Subregion Leaderboards.

In order to register the Team Charter, you will need a minimum of 5 unique players (e.g. 1 player = 1 account) to sign up. On the Team Charter creation page you can generate an invite link that you can then share with your friends so that they can join. Once you have 5 separate players signed onto your team, you can officially register the team and start earning a team score!

Team Creation Guidelines

Each team must have a minimum of 5 and up to a maximum of 7 players, but each player can add as many of their own characters as they want to the team. In order for a Mythic+ keystone run to be counted towards team score, each character in the party needs to be a member of the the team.

Upon creation, your team will have a customizable profile page. The team profile page will look similar to a guild page, but will showcase your team’s rankings across all applicable leaderboards, and allow your to view data for every keystone your team has completed, as well as details about your team’s roster of characters.

Each character can be in one team at a time, but you can have your characters in as many different teams as you want. Additionally, the number of teams you can be a captain of is limited: Regular Raider.IO members can be the captain of one team, Revered Patrons can be the captain of two teams, and Exalted Patrons can be the captain of a maximum of three teams.

Team Scoring System

The scoring of teams is tied to each individual character. In other words, if a character is removed from a team’s roster, that team’s overall score will adjust accordingly, since all keystones with that character will no longer be counted towards the score. This works similarly in the inverse, where any new members added to a team can affect the score for past runs done within the current season, if they were done entirely with members of the new team.

What is the Raider.IO Bracket System?

As part of the new Raider.IO Teams Feature, we are also introducing a new Mythic+ Teams Bracket System where levels of Mythic+ keystones are broken into brackets. The intent with this system is to allow players at all experience levels to have meaningful progress that they track against.

Bracket Placement Criteria

Your team’s bracket placement will be decided by the highest keystone level of your top Mythic+ runs done as a Team. This means that even if your Team has completed 100 Mythic+ Dungeons at +15, as soon as you complete just one at +16, your Team will move up automatically into the Gold Bracket.

Team Bracket placement is based only on Mythic+ keystones completed entirely as a team. Any Mythic+ dungeons your members do independently are not scored as a “team” dungeon will not be counted towards your team’s bracket placement.

Discord Alerts to Track Your Favorite Teams

With the arrival of our new Teams Feature on Raider.IO, we have also added a new Discord alert Webhook that you can add to your very own Discord servers! With this feature, you can add the ability to track the progress of multiple Mythic+ Teams. The default settings will send a message to your Discord server whenever the chosen teams earn a new Best Key that increases their score. However, we provide many options for configuring exactly how you get alerted when a team completes a run. So whether you want to track your favorite teams- or track your competitors- this Discord Alerts feature will help keep your informed!

This is Only the Beginning

This is just the first of many updates we have planned for Shadowlands! We’re happy to get this into your hands and start hearing your feedback. Join us on our Discord and let us know what you think!