New Raid Progression Features and Stream Widgets!

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The top 20 spots in the Sanctum of Domination Race to World First have officially been claimed! This was one of the most exciting RWF events to date, and many of us were watching late into the night with bated breath as Complexity-Limit and Echo dashed to the finish line. A hearty congratulations to Echo for being the first guild in the world to defeat Mythic Sylvanas! It was hard-fought and well-earned.

If you were watching any of the RWF event streams, you may have seen some widgets or graphics powered by Raider.IO data. This is something we have been proud to provide for guilds and organizations for a number of RWF events. Each tier, we work on creating more and more of these features for the RWF. We are excited to announce that with Sanctum of Domination and moving forward, one of our goals is to make as many of these new progression features available to the public!

Read on to learn about all the new exciting features you and your guild can use right now to track, monitor, and show off your progression through Sanctum of Domination! We also have a video from Dratnos going over all of these features at the end of this article if you want to watch them in action!

Important: all of these features are powered by the Live Tracking function in the Raider.IO Desktop Client. Click here to learn more.

Stream Widgets

We already unveiled two of these new stream widgets while the RWF event was ongoing. We have since added a couple more, so here’s a consolidated overview! The Raider.IO Stream Widgets are browser-source overlays you can add to your stream to show boss progression, kill alerts, and more. These can all be found on our Widgets Page, with easy-to-follow configuration!

Boss Progression

This widget provides a view of a guild’s best pull % and total pull count on a specific boss, or on the boss the guild most recently pulled. You can easily customize this widget to show your preferred guild, and to show/hide various elements including the background.

Here is an example of the widget in action on AutomaticJak’s Stream:

Encounter Alerts

Watch one or more guilds for new progress activities and display instant pop-up alerts on your stream! This can be used to track guilds in the RWF, your own guild, or rival guilds on your server.

This alert will pop-up on stream whenever one of the guilds you are tracking earns a new best % on a boss, pulls a boss for the first time, or defeats a boss for the first time.

You can watch this widget in action on Kusa’s Stream:

Encounter Graphs

With this widget, you can display a graph that shows your guild’s progression on a chosen boss by showing the health percent you’ve reached each attempt. You can add more than one guild to the same graph to show a comparison and it will update in real time, as long as the other guild has someone using the Raider.IO Desktop Client with Live Tracking enabled.

Here is an example of what this widget will look like on your stream:

Character Information

This widget is useful for more than just raid progression, as it can show your character’s relevant information at any time, including during Mythic+ or PvP. Gone are the days of having to constantly answer “which legendary are you wearing?” or “which soulbind are you using?” as you can display all of this information in a compact and customizable overlay!

A reminder that in order for all of these widgets to function, you need to enable Live Tracking on the Raider.IO Desktop Client. Learn more about that here, and then go to the Widgets Page to customize and configure your own widgets today!

Guild Pages - New Information!

As more and more people make use of the Live Tracking feature on the Raider.IO Desktop Client, it gives us the ability to provide significantly more data when it comes to guilds and characters. We wanted to give players the ability to track and compare guild progression in an easy-to-digest manner. To achieve this, we have added new progression metric data to the Guild Pages on Raider.IO that will be visible for any guild whose raid data is being Live Tracked by the Raider.IO Desktop Client!

Current Progress Information

At a quick glance, you can see what boss a guild is currently working on, and their best percentage on that boss.

If you then expand on the current progression boss, you get additional info including pull count, and date of first pull. At this page you can also see the Encounter Graph, showing a timeline of the progression.

The Recent Pulls tab provides even more information, where you can see on a per-pull basis various things like the duration of the pull, the boss % reached, and a full breakdown of the raid composition including information such as specs, covenants, soulbinds, conduits, legendaries, item levels, domination shards, and more!

Defeated Bosses

All of the information above is also available to view on any bosses that have already been Defeated, including number of shards equipped across the raid, the raid composition breakdown, and the raid’s overall item level at the time of the kill.

General Information

As mentioned previously, all of the information that powers the new stream widgets and guild/character progression data comes from the Live Tracking function of the Raider.IO Desktop Client. When anybody in your guild has this function enabled, the information is collected and made visible on the website.

We have added the ability for guild leaders and officers to manage privacy settings on the website to choose whether or not this information is visible to the public, guild members only, or is kept private and not visible to anybody. It will default to allowing full public permissions, but if you wish to turn these off, you can do so via your guild’s settings page.

Dratnos Video Summary

Check out the following video from Dratnos going over all of these features and widgets:

We hope you enjoy these new features, and keep your eyes peeled for more fun things coming your way!

If you have any question, comments, or suggestions for future features, let us know in the #suggestions channel of our Discord, or toss us a message over on our Twitter!