APRIL FOOLS: Patch 9.1 Seasonal Affix Discovered?

This is our April Fool's joke of 2021, and none of the information in this post is real. We hope you enjoyed the fun!

Good news everyone!

You heard that in Professor Putricide’s voice, didn’t you….

We haven't perfected any plagues recently, but we have some HUGE NEWS to bring you! Over the weekend, we were testing a few things on the Tournament Realm, and happened to swing by the Keystone Vendor NPC. This vendor is where MDI competitors purchase keystones and all of the various things they need to create the keystone they want: affixes, keystone levels, specific dungeons, etc. As we were scrolling through the various purchasable options, we noticed something we had not seen before. We saw what appears to be a brand-new affix: Imprisoned

Upon noticing this brand-new affix, we of course purchased the item. While the affix scroll item was in our bags, we noticed this tooltip:

This tooltip is eerily similar to the wording of the BFA Season 3 Seasonal affix: Beguiling. We understandably began asking ourselves, is this the Seasonal affix for Shadowlands Season 2? Did we find it hiding on the Tournament Realm? We needed to test it out, so we grabbed a few players, put the affix on a couple of keystones, and went to the dungeons to see just what Imprisoned was going to do!

In all of the dungeons we went to, we noticed some new mobs inside. These appear to be various mobs that you can find throughout the Maw, who have seemingly made their way out of the Maw itself - indicating the Jailer's power is certainly increasing - and have joined the forces of various dungeons throughout the Shadowlands.

These mobs were fairly evenly interspersed throughout the dungeons, and there were a lot of them. We would say that almost every other pack of mobs had one Mawsworn mob intermingled. Now for the important part: what do the Mawsworn mobs do? Keep in mind this affix was named "Imprisoned." We went in not knowing what to expect, but we found out pretty quickly.

Upon entering combat with a Mawsworn mob, it instantly starts to cast a spell called "Imprison." This cast cannot be interrupted, cannot be out-ranged, and the mob cannot be crowd-controlled. The only way to avoid the cast completing is to kill the mob before it finishes its cast. The cast is 6 seconds long. At lower key levels, it was no problem to burst down this mob in time to avoid the cast, but as soon as we started getting into higher keys, and especially in Fortified, some of these casts started going off.

Whenever a Mawsworn mob managed to complete its cast of Imprison, one random party member became chained similar to the 2nd tier effect from the Eye of the Jailer in the Maw. That spell in the Maw is called Soul Surge. Pedestals spawned around the effected player, and chained them in place. The player could not move until the chains were all removed by clicking on them, in the same way as Soul Surge functions. However, unlike the Maw version, the dungeon affix also incapacitated the effected player. The chains could only be removed by other party members clicking on the chains.

The chains stayed in place for 8 seconds, and if they were not removed before this timer expired, the effected player was then stunned for 12 seconds. That's right, an un-dispellable 12 second stun. We found it was pretty easy to avoid this by everyone being aware if the cast was going to go off, but the few times we were unable to free the effected player, that was a pretty substantial blow to our progress throughout the dungeon. Especially considering the fact that it can target anybody in your party, including your tank or healer!

It would appear that the Jailer has gotten pretty upset with us running amok throughout Shadowlands, ruining all of his plans.

Is this the new Season 2 Seasonal affix? We do not know for sure, and nothing has been confirmed, but it looks like all signs are pointing to yes. We're eager to see how this type of affix affects the Leaderboards, group compositions, and the next Season of the MDI.

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