Survival Hunter Solos +15 Tyrannical General Kaal

We have a very impressive and creative solo boss kill here, as not only has a Survival Hunter taken down a Mythic+ 15 endboss, but also did it on Tyrannical week! TheLastKiwi ventured into the Sanguine Depths to try out a technique they discovered earlier, where an anima power from one of the Season 2 Tormented mini-bosses allowed their pet to get seriously powered up, gaining 100% dodge. The kill only took around 11 minutes (and a whole lot of prep), with an item level of 241, so let's take a look at the video and then Dratnos will explain how exactly this was pulled off. The other two affixes were (appropriately) Sanguine and Storming.

The core mechanic here is the Tiny Dancing Shoes anima power that grants players 100% chance to dodge the first two attacks each combat. The way this is coded is that it's a buff with two stacks that you get every time you enter combat, and it grants 100% dodge chance. Each dodge then drops a stack, but crucially hunter pets inherit the dodge chance of their hunter. That means that as long as the hunter can avoid dodging any attacks, the pet can tank the whole time with 100% dodge chance.

To make this work, the Hunter needs to avoid all (or all but one) of the boss's dash attacks, which can be done with Soulshape or Disengage. You can see right at the end of the fight, around 12:18, the Hunter doesn't manage to escape and dodges for the second time in the fight, dropping their dancing shoes buff and the pet dies soon after (but luckily the boss is already very low at that point).

Other than that, it's a pretty “Patchwerk” encounter - the Hunter just needs to use their extra action button on every Gloom Squall cast, avoid every dash (or get hit in the back with it to not consume a charge of Shoes), and ideally not get hit by too many of the red lines on the ground, but the damage of that isn't even lethal on a +15, and the Ferocity pet passive grants enough leech to heal through a few odd hits here or there.

While this may be something of a one-trick method, it still requires quite a bit of skill, not to mention the creativity to actually come up with the plan in the first place! So thanks to TheLastKiwi for this fun little feat of Mythic+ prowess, and since the method could apparently be used on other bosses as well, this may not be the last we hear from them either!


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