MDI Dragonflight Season 3: Highlights

The Mythic Dungeon International is back for Dragonflight Season 3!
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The Mythic Dungeon International DF Season 3 is here! [view official announcement]
  • — See which team can qualify for the next phase of the competition.
  • — Teams are ranked by both the level and speed that they push keys.
  • — The top 16 advance to the group stages with a chance to qualify for the Global Finals with a $200,000 (USD) prize pool

MDI Dragonflight Season 3: Highlights

Refreshing now...
Mar 10 2024 22:14 UTC(11 weeks ago)
This marks the end of the Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Dungeon International, with the Global Finals that many people were waiting for: The one that saw Echo taken down. It was a crazy event for certain, with some great changes to the MDI format itself, that ended up giving us the most competitive MDI we've ever seen.

Many teams ended up coming up with new and interesting strats, and it it ended up leading to a Grand Finals where execution and consistency were the key factors in coming out ahead over your opponent. In the end, the team with the fewest deaths across all games won the MDI, like it should be, and Mandatory more than deserves this win after multiple MDI and TGP performances that saw them always get close, just not close enough.

Speaking of the TGP, the sign-ups will be opening very soon! Season 4 of Dragonflight has not yet been announced, but we do know that there will be another TGP during it! While we know very little, Raider.IO will continue to be the official partner for Blizzard for the sign-ups for the MDI, AWC and TGP. Registration for the TGP will start in April, so you better keep an eye out for more news on that front.

We hope you enjoyed this MDI as much as we did, and that the next TGP will be even more incredible as well! Thanks for joining us for our coverage, from all of us here at Raider.IO, and make sure to check out our YouTube Snapshots in case you missed any of cool new strats!

We will see you in Season 4 for more Mythic+ esports action, and until then, have a lovely evening, night, morning or day, depending on where you are. We love you all <3
Mar 10 2024 21:58 UTC(11 weeks ago)
If you want to watch the full MDI winners interview with Moad, Crims and Stove from Mandatory, we got you covered as well!

Mar 10 2024 21:51 UTC(11 weeks ago)
Mandatory claim a well-deserved win, and this time around it wasn't the strategies that really made a big difference, but the consistent execution. Echo showed incredible consistency all throughout the tournament, but in the Grand Finals it seemed like the team lost some of that flawless execution, with 3, 4 and 5 deaths respectively in the matches that they lost. While they still recovered insanely well, and almost won some of these games, Mandatory managed to keep their cool and ended up defeating Echo by capitalizing off of these small but important mistakes and deaths.

This is not supposed to take anything away from Mandatory of course, who have played incredibly clean all throughout the tournament, with a combined 12 deaths in 12 games -- 7 of which happened in just the Grand Final Waycrest Manor.

We said it before, and we'll repeat ourselves here: This MDI has been by far the most competitive it has ever been, with multiple teams taking a bite out of Echo, and many of the competitors that didn't make it into the Top 3 looking more than capable of coming in at a much better placement if they stick together, get more experience and practice under their belt, and come back stronger the next time around.

Well played to all eight teams this weekend, Mandatory, Echo, Perplexed, Last Hope, Eclipse, Bald Bandits, Legendary and dawgs, All teams more than deserved to be here, and all of them had a solid shot at taking down the titans, but only one of them did: Mandatory.

Congratulations once more to Mandatory, and maybe now it is their turn to win the next five consecutive MDIs instead.
Mar 10 2024 21:49 UTC(11 weeks ago)

The crowd goes wild out there in X-land, let's check some impressions, shall we?