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Community Spotlight: Sarthe

Join us in celebrating Black History Month as we sit down to chat with speed-running specialist Sarthe! Sarthe is a renowned speed-runner whose career topping charts and setting records has spanned from Vanilla Classic all the way through to Phase 2 Season of Discovery. Read on to see him discuss the nostalgic appeal of Classic WoW, his history with World of Warcraft, what it's like to be a Black creator in the WoW space, and more.

Community Spotlight: Starship

We've all heard of the Race to World First, but have you heard of the upcoming Starship event, The Race to World WORST?! Today, we sit down with Starship founder, Adam, and Event Coordinator, Cooptimally, to learn more about their amazing community and everything that the Race to World Worst has in store!

Community Spotlight: Baym

Today, we had the privilege of chatting with one of the top Guardian Druids in Mythic+ and our Raider.IO Featured Streamer of the week: Baym! Read on to learn more about Baym, his unique Guardian Druid build, the obstacles he has overcome, embracing differences as a source of strength, and much more!

Community Spotlight: Emsy

Today, we had the privilege of chatting with Emsy, our Featured Streamer of the week! Emsy is a passionate WoW player, mentor in Liquid Women in Warcraft, and the newest addition to Liquid's raiding roster for the RWF. Read on to learn more about her history in WoW, her passion for mentoring, the path towards becoming a RWF raider, and more.

Community Spotlight: RageDarling

Today, we had the privilege of chatting with our Featured Streamer of the week: RageDarling! Learn more about her passion for WoW, content creation, streaming, roleplaying, cosplaying, and most recently…casting!

Community Spotlight: Wochi and the Dungeon Dojo

The Dungeon Dojo Invitational is only 1 day away! Click here to learn about this wonderful WoW community and their amazing leader, Wochi!

Community Spotlight: Wolfdisco

Today, we had the privilege of chatting with our Raider.IO Featured Streamer of the week: the high-ranked, multi-classing, and very chill, Wolfdisco! Learn about Wolfdisco’s history in the RWF, his passion for the MDI, his fascination with multi-classing, and so much more!

Community Spotlight: Adeen

Today, we had the privilege of chatting with our Raider.IO Featured Streamer of the week: the talented and inspiring Adeen! Learn more about Adeen's roots in gaming, leading the Liquid Women in Warcraft (LWiW) initiative, her impressions of Dragonflight, and much more.

A Farewell to Midwinter

Back in May, the WoW community received some unfortunate news: Midwinter, one of the longest-running raiding guilds in the game and a regular contender in the high-end PVE raiding scene, officially called it quits. Today, we take a trip down memory lane with the Midwinter crew, exploring their history, best moments, and the secrets to their many years of success.

Post RWF Interview: Echo

The Sepulcher of the First Ones was the longest RWF in modern history. It was a three-week-long race that saw many guilds get exhausted, take breaks, and switch to only evening raids. Today, we chat with the back-to-back World Champions, Echo, to find the answers to many of our questions. Curious what they thought of this RWF? Read on!

Community Spotlight: Rise Above the Disorder (RAD)

Today’s Community Spotlight celebrates Jason Docton, the founder and CEO of Rise Above the Disorder (RAD). RAD is a non-profit charity organization that provides mental health support by covering the financial burden of care. RAD began as a WoW guild called Anxiety Gaming and has grown to become a leader of mental health care and awareness. Want to learn more about RAD and Jason's inspirational journey from gamer to a globally recognized mental health advocate? Read on!

Mythic "Minus" - Mulini's Solo Journey

Today, we chat with a massively impressive Mythic+ soloer, Mulini, who takes us through his process and some of the crazy runs he's done (including some +20-25 solo keys)!

Community Spotlight: Phobyac

Hola! Today, we chat with Phobyac, our Raider.IO Featured Streamer of this past week. Phobyac is an influential figure of the WoW community who is not only an accomplished player in his own right but has also helped innovate community Mythic+ tournaments with Bloodlust.IO and produced the official Spanish-language broadcast of the MDI. Read on to learn more about Phobyac and the origins of Bloodlust.IO!

Origins of the MDI: An Interview with Zorbrix and Healingstat

The MDI has evolved considerably over the years through the efforts of numerous teams and the overall WoW community at large. In this exclusive interview, we go back to the roots of the MDI with Kyle Hartline (Zorbrix), one of the masterminds behind its creation, and Adrian Archer-Lock, the current Product Manager. Want to learn all about the origins of the MDI? Look no further!

Community Spotlight: Guest Casters of the MDI, Shadowlands Season 2

With the Global Finals right around the corner, we present an exclusive interview with the Guest Casters of the Shadowlands Season 2 MDI: Psybearslat, Kali, and Meeix. What does it take to become an esports caster? What is it really like when you’re up there in the hot seat? Join us in sharing the insights, discoveries, and learning experiences of our Shadowlands Season 2 MDI Guest Casters.

Community Spotlight: Okaymage (Zolas)

Today, we have the privilege of chatting with Okaymage, a competitor in the Season 2 MDI! In this exclusive interview, we discover more about her history in professional gaming, her first foray into the MDI, and the trials and tribulations of showing the community what truly makes a spec powerful in Mythic+. Want to learn all about Okaymage and her unique perspectives? Read on!

Undaunted: The World's Most Inclusive Deaf and HOH Guild

Today, we speak with Sarialinde and Deadjoy, the Guild Masters of Undaunted. Undaunted is an inclusive community of primarily Deaf/deaf and Hard of Hearing (HOH) raiders. This is a story of friendship, overcoming hardship, inspiring allyship, and innovation. Ready to be transformed? This is a piece you should not miss.

Community Spotlight: Oasis

Today, we bring you an exclusive interview with Cherry and Ferris, the leaders of Oasis. The Oasis community not only bridges the gap between PvP and PvE, but they promote inclusion and lasting change in everything they do. Click here to learn more!

Interview with Patty Mattson - Voice of Sylvanas Windrunner

Today marks a milestone to check off our bucket lists, as we sit down to chat with none other than Patty Mattson—the prolific and talented voice actor of Sylvanas Windrunner. We are humbled by the privilege to speak with Patty about her journey as Sylvanas, her favorite things about playing WoW, her musical background, advice for aspiring voice actors, and much more!

Community Spotlight: Kali

If you watched the Race to World First (RWF) of Sanctum of Domination or caught her Raider.IO Featured Stream last week, you will know of Kali — a healer from the top 3 world guild, Pieces. Today, we reflect upon Kali's recent experience in the RWF. We discuss her WoW history, favorite moments of the race, perseverance in the face of gender-based harassment, her inspiration for future tiers, and much more!

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