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Gamers and Complaining - Name a More Iconic Duo

With the Dragonflight Beta cycle nearing its end, it's time for everyone to squeeze in some last-minute complaints. But is there a way to complain constructively so that our feedback is heard by developers? Read on to learn about the three types of complaining and the psychology behind one of our favorite pastimes.

Goodbye to Necrotic and Inspiring - A Retrospective on Discontinued Affixes

It’s official: Necrotic and Inspiring will not be returning as Mythic+ affixes in Dragonflight Season 1. Today, we take a look at these two notorious affixes and what separated them from the others before we leave them in the afterlife of the Shadowlands....or see them come back to haunt us.

Going in Blind: Raid Bosses and the PTR

As we eagerly wait for Patch 9.2 to hit the PTR, there has been a lot of buzz circulating among the community: Will Blizzard refrain from publicly testing the last several bosses for the Sepulcher of the First Ones prior to the raid release? Today, we weigh in on this concept by discussing the pros and cons of "Going in Blind"!

Old Raids, New Challenges

With rising interaction between players and developers at large, it is prime time to discuss our latest take: Bring back some of WoW's most amazing old raids as new, CURRENT content. Want to know how we envision an ICC remake that is thematic, lore-appropriate, challenging, and timely? What about a modern-day Nighthold? Read on!

Legion Timewalking: Which Raid Would We Want?

With Patch 9.1.5 ushering a special batch of Legion Timewalking content, we can't help but ask...if Blizzard were to implement a Legion Timewalking Raid, which one should it be? Are Timewalking events a time to bring back our favorite raids, or are they an opportunity to redeem and improve some of the less popular instances that hold great potential? Let's take an inside look!

Beyond Azeroth: A Journey into Final Fantasy XIV

Today, we go beyond Azeroth and explore Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV)! We discuss how FFXIV offers unique, intentional tools that create memorable experiences and positive interactions among the player base. Then, we dive into FFXIV first-hand as we join Alyssa in a narrative of her journey as a "sprout". What can WoW learn from FFXIV? Let's take an inside look!

The Future of the MDI: Is it at Risk?

With the dawn of some striking new developments in the MDI landscape as players choose to livestream their Time Trial runs while others opt out of the tournament entirely, we take a deeper examination into the MDI as an esport. Is the time investment proportional to the rewards?

RWF: How "Secret Strats" Are Making a Resurgence in Castle Nathria

With Complexity-Limit's surprise off-stream boss kill followed by a delayed release of the vod, have the old-school ways of secret strats made a brief return in the Castle Nathria RWF?

RWF: What is Split Running?

Hulahoops delves into Split Running and how it's utilized by top guilds to maximize the gearing process for the RWF

Blizzard's Unintended Esport: The History of the RWF Event

Hulahoops takes us through a Brief History of the RWF event and what we can expect to see in Castle Nathria

Faction Conundrum: When Mythic+ Players Want to Be Alliance but Can't

For a long time now, the Horde has truly earned its name with its enormous player representation, making any semblance of faction balance a thing of the long-forgotten past. However we have some very interesting data on Mythic+ representation to share with you...and it just might have you seeing the faction imbalance in a different light.

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