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We love the Race to World First (RWF) here at Raider.IO. There are so many reasons why the RWF is such a spectacular event — from the months of buildup, to the down-to-the-wire boss kills, to the crazy antics of casters and players…the RWF brings the entire community together! Today, we want to shine a bright light on one aspect of the RWF that has become a staple for many of the bigger events: philanthropy.

Raising money for charities has become a huge part of the RWF. Over the years, the guilds and organizations involved have raised some pretty impressive sums for many amazing causes. In fact, some of the RWF productions are now including donation incentives with some neat rewards (or shenanigans!) available for the community.

We are constantly blown away by the generosity of the WoW community, and we encourage you to donate to any of these causes if you have the means. Spreading the word is also a wonderful way to support these charities and help us do some good together!

Read on to learn more about the charitable work the major events have done in the past, and what their plans are for the Sepulcher of the First Ones RWF!

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During the Sanctum of Domination RWF, Echo and Liquid (formerly Complexity-Limit) teamed up in a joint-fundraising campaign for Rise Above the Disorder (RAD). Echo was able to raise nearly $40,000.00 over the course of the Race, plus 100% of proceeds from charity merchandise orders. Combined with Liquid, the guilds raised over $66,000.00 for RAD, an incredible non-profit that has its origins in World of Warcraft!

Echo’s RWF charity drives have included some fun – and somewhat ridiculous – incentives. Throughout the Sanctum of Domination RWF, there were a number of donation goals that were met, which resulted in such craziness as Grant shaving his head live on stream and Gingi undergoing a Labour Simulator. There were also incentives to benefit the community such as a public WeakAura (WA) release, which gave players access to Echo’s raid-specific WAs – something that has never happened before!

For the upcoming RWF for Sepulcher of the First Ones, Echo is once again partnering with RAD. New incentives are planned this time around, including a “roast” of Scripe and Rogerbrown by their very own raiders — with 100% immunity — and a water gun firing squad ready to make Echo caster Steakloins its victim!

RAD is a fantastic charity that got its start as a guild in WoW. It aims to both find and pay for therapy sessions for those in need. To date, RAD has helped over 38,000 people in 134 countries. To learn more about the amazing work they do at RAD, head on over to their website here. Be sure to check out the Echo RWF stream over on their Twitch channel starting next week if you wish to donate to RAD, and for all kinds of charity-driven mischief!


Liquid (formerly Complexity-Limit) has had a couple of charity partners over the past RWFs. In Castle Nathria, they raised over $20,000.00 for Extra Life 4 Kids. Then, as mentioned above, they partnered with Echo for the Sanctum of Domination RWF to raise over $66,000.00 for RAD. Liquid had their own fun incentives during the Sanctum RWF, such as a balloon-animal making challenge for the casters, and the release of full, unedited interviews with Shakib and Imfiredup which, if you haven’t watched them yet…you’ll want to. Trust us. Click Shakib and Imfiredup’s names for links to these videos!

For the Sepulcher of the First Ones RWF, Liquid is working to raise money for Girls Who Code, and they certainly have some equally hilarious and fun incentives!

“Girls Who Code is an organization that value’s bravery, sisterhood, and activism, and it’s a cause that aligns with Liquid’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, like Women in Warcraft. We’re proud to support their efforts to increase the number of women in tech!” — Azorea, Liquid MMO General Manager

To learn more about Girls Who Code and the amazing work they do, check out their website here. Make sure to tune into the Liquid RWF stream over on Twitch if you want to help support the cause!


Pieces will likely be raising funds for charity this RWF, but the details are not yet public. Keep your eyes on their Twitter for info coming soon!


BDGG has been involved in raising funds for charity in a number of ways over the past couple of years. Back in the Ny’alotha RWF, they raised $4,000.00 for Extra Life 4 Kids and in Castle Nathria almost $2,000.00 for Able Gamers.

Typically speaking, the BDGG RWF productions are not to the same scale as those of Echo, Liquid or Method, so they have not had big incentives or donation goals thus far. Instead, BDGG has focused their philanthropic efforts in the creation of multiple separate charity events and their “Golden Giving” initiative, which coincided with the Golden Guardians (GG) organization’s further expansion into WoW with the creation of GGWoW. Almost $12,000.00 dollars were raised during BDGG’s first big charity event, Raiding for RAINN, and almost $15,000.00 was raised in the most recent GG with GWC for Girls Who Code, a joint event with Echo.

Golden Giving is a fun community-based initiative where a worthy cause is supported each month. If certain “goals” are met, GG WoW donates the listed amount! These goals include things such as cute pet pictures being linked on Twitter, Feral Druids get a little love, or someone in the GG organization getting a rare mount.

For the Sepulcher of the First Ones RWF, BDGG and Echo are putting on a joint production and are even teaming up to support Rise Above the Disorder. When Echo heads to bed for the night, the BDGG players and casters will be on the Echo Twitch channel helping both organizations raise money for this mental-health-focused non-profit!


The first guild to bring the RWF to the masses, Method has also paved the way for the RWF event to be a fabulous opportunity for the WoW community to raise money for some very worthy charitable causes. Back in Battle for Azeroth, Method partnered with Save the Children, raising over $120,000.00 over the course of the RWF Events for Battle of Dazar’alor, The Eternal Palace, and Ny’alotha. During the past RWF for Sanctum of Domination, Method also raised almost $7,000.00 for Mind.

The generosity of the WoW community and the hard work of the Method team has raised money that has made a real impact over the years, and they have no plans of stopping! For the Sepulcher of the First Ones RWF, Method will be supporting Safe in Our World, an organization geared towards raising mental health awareness via the video game industry. To learn more about Safe in Our World, check out their website here, and make sure to head on over to the Method Twitch channel to catch the action and support this cause once the gates to the Sepulcher open on Mythic difficulty next week!


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