Compete in the 1st Shadowlands Prideful Push Week Event!

It’s here: the very first Raider.IO Push Week Competition of the expansion! Rally your friends together, register your team, and compete for prizes in the 1st Shadowlands Prideful Season Push Week Event!

How it Works:

Team up with your pals and register a team using the Raider.IO Mythic+ Team feature. This event will take place on LIVE servers so you can gear up your main while competing at the same time!

Through the course of the upcoming week (Fortified, Sanguine, Quaking as datamined by Wowhead) all runs that you complete with a group composed 100% of members of your team will count towards your team's score for that week. Once the competition period has ended, we'll determine the top 3 winning teams from the world-wide Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum brackets.

This means there's a total of 12 teams that can win! And each member of a winning team will be eligible for prizes.

Competition Brackets:

One of our goals with these events is to make Mythic+ competitions more approachable, and with our bracketing system your team can compete in the bracket that best matches your current progression level in-game. Try your hand out at competitive dungeon running, but do so at the comfort of your skill and experience level! The eligible brackets for this competition are:

BracketKeystone LevelsLeaderboard
Platinum+21 - 25View Platinum Leaderboard
Gold+16 - 20View Gold Leaderboard
Silver+11 - 15View Silver Leaderboard
Bronze+2 - 10View Bronze Leaderboard

We will be introducing the higher Diamond bracket into future Push Week Events, but due to current gear levels, we have opted to stick to the four brackets above.

Your team’s bracket is decided based upon the highest scoring key completed during the event by your team, which will usually be your highest timed keystone for that week. For example, if your team wants to compete in the Silver bracket, you want to avoid running keys as a team that week above the +15 level. If you run a key at +16 or higher that becomes your best scoring run for that dungeon then it will bump you into the Gold bracket, even if every other key you have completed falls in the Silver range.

Competition Prizes:

We will be awarding prizes to each member of the top 3 eligible teams from each bracket! This means there will be up to 84 different individual winners!

Prizes will consist of Blizzard store mounts, Blizzard store pets, and World of Warcraft game time. The prize value for each bracket increases as the you climb into higher brackets; so you'll be rewarded to push into the highest bracket your team can be competitive in!

BracketPlacingPrizes per Player
Platinum1st Place180 days WoW game time & 1 store pet
Platinum2nd Place180 days WoW game time
Platinum3rd Place90 days WoW game time, 1 store pet & 1 store mount
Gold1st Place90 days WoW game time, 1 store pet & 1 store mount
Gold2nd Place90 days WoW game time & 1 store mount
Gold3rd Place90 days WoW game time & 1 store pet
Silver1st Place90 days WoW game time & 1 store pet
Silver2nd Place60 days WoW game time & 1 store pet
Silver3rd Place30 days WoW game time & 1 store pet
Bronze1st Place30 days WoW game time & 1 store pet
Bronze2nd Place30 days WoW game time
Bronze3rd Place1 store pet

To qualify for prizes, members of the winning team must have completed at least one of the tracked runs with the team during the event week. Each Blizzard Account is only eligible for a single prize.


Due to current issues with Blizzard's API we recommend that your team run with Raider.IO Live Tracking enabled to ensure that all your runs are tracked! Read more about this feature here.

  • Your team must be in either the Americas & Oceania region or the Europe region.
  • One or more players on your team must retweet our competition announcement tweet with hashtag #raiderio and a link to your team's page on Raider.IO
  • Your team must rank within the top 3 eligible teams for your bracket across both supported regions during the competition period

The competition period lasts for the entire in-game weekly reset:

Americas & Oceania: January 5th - January 12th
Europe: January 6th - January 13th

Winners will be announced by January 16th.

Assemble your teams together, and get ready to push those keys!

Questions? Check out our Twitter or join our Discord!

Good luck to all competitors!