Where Are They Now? MDI Players in the RWF

Oh where, oh where have the Dungeoneers gone?
Oh where, oh where can they be?
With the MDI done and a new raid to run,
Oh where, oh where can they be?

Tomorrow marks the official launch of Castle Nathria on Mythic difficulty, and earlier today we were fortunate enough to get the details for the inaugural MDI season for Shadowlands from Blizzard. We still have a couple of months to wait until we can watch our favourite players race through the dungeons of Maldraxxus, Bastion, Ardenweald and Revendreth, so we wanted to find out what they were up to until then. Are they raiding? Are they hibernating until the next MDI begins? Are they trying to find ways to make me stop writing stupid songs? (ha, good luck with that!)

Wonder no further: We’ve delved into the raiding plans of the world’s top Mythic+ players to bring you the info. Find out which of your MDI favourites will be battling for World First glory or part of high-profile events, and follow along with their progression!

NA Region

It should not come as a surprise that many of the world’s top guilds also contain some of the world’s top Mythic+ players. A quick look at the top guilds in the NA/OCE Region, as determined by their Ny’alotha rankings, shows us that we will be able to cheer on quite a few MDI competitors during the Castle Nathria RWF.

The returning World First Raid champions, Complexity-Limit, boast 9 of the world’s top Mythic+ players on their roster. From the BFA Season 4 2nd place MDI team, Golden Guardians, we have Lightee, Shakib, and Lipp. From the MDI team aptly named Complexity-Limit, we find another 5 players on the guild’s raiding roster, including the Guild Leader: Maximum, Twisted, Atrocity, Eric, and Imfiredup. A new addition to the Complexity-Limit guild roster is Wolfdisco, an EU player who competed in the last MDI with Perplexed, the 4th place BFA Season 4 team.

Complexity-Limit announced that they will be hosting a Race to World First Event for Castle Nathria starting with the launch of the raid on Mythic on December 15th. Follow along with these top-end MDI players and their guildmates on the Complexity Twitch channel.

The team known as Goosy Bad, who made it to the Global Finals but were eliminated in the first round, is comprised of Yipz, Hunttay, Anarchy, Cryptic, and Kxvinz. All of the members of Goosy Bad are raiding members of the guild Vodka, who finished Ny’alotha at the World 55 rank. While not a guild contending for World First, they are certainly one of the top guilds in the NA/OCE Region. Their roster also has one more MDI competitor among its ranks: Versify, one of the players on the MDI team Fly Me Out.

The guild poptart corndoG finished this past tier at rank 36 World, and claims 3 MDI competitors on their raiding roster: Snap and Korimae from the MDI team Villains, and Asuna from Fly Me Out. We have confirmed with resident Mythic + guru, MDI caster, and poptart corndoG officer, Dratnos, that the guild will not be hosting any kind of RWF event. They will assuredly have players streaming and they will be adding a number of hours (including a day raid) for the first week of Castle Nathria.

The 2nd best guild in the NA/OCE Region, BDGG, finished Ny’alotha with a World rank of 14. Since the end of the last raid tier, BDGG has signed with the esports organization Golden Guardians, and they announced their own highly-anticipated RWF event last month. This event will be the place to watch three of the members of the MDI team Big Dumb Gaming, named after the guild. Belade, Hyperion and Sham will all be a part of the BDGG squad competing for the title of World First! The team’s tank, Synecdoche, has raided with the guild Blur in the past, who impressively achieved US rank 58 (World 228) in Ny’alotha while raiding only 7 hours/2 days per week.

Midwinter is one of the longest-standing and best known raiding guilds in the NA/OCE Region. They finished Ny’alotha at World rank 25, and we are excited to see what they can achieve in the upcoming first raid of Shadowlands. If you wanted to see what Ellesmêre, Shadow, (Fly Me Out) and Thalamir (Scripted Content) are up to, look no further than Midwinter’s raiding roster.

Rounding out the NA raiding scene are members of the guilds Instant Dollars (Jacob from Villains), and Intern Made This Boss (Felinator, Displacerz, Moofz and Drunksy from Scripted Content). Neither of these guilds are vying for the World First title, but they will be the place to go if you want to watch these players progress through the raid!

OCE Region

The MDI has always had a strong presence from OCE players. Season 4 of BFA was no different, with three full teams of OCE players making it into the top 10 for the region. On the raiding scene, however, there are only two guilds from the OCE region that ranked in the World top 50 in Ny’alotha. Honestly and Ethical ranked 23 and 24, respectively. The next highest ranked OCE guild, Potato, only came in at World rank 73.

Honestly’s raiding roster contains 5 MDI players, all of which were on the MDI team named, shockingly, Honestly. Pumps, Ninja, Arz, Ashflash, and Disarray, will all be part of the raid team for Honestly in Castle Nathria. Ethical has 3 raiders that competed in this last MDI, on the team sharing the guild’s name. Chomp, Akiruwu, and Forcedtdh will be raiding with Ethical in Shadowlands.

EU Region

The EU is the home of the resident MDI Champions, so it comes as no surprise that many of the top EU MDI competitors are also on top EU raiding teams. The boys of Wunderbar: Naowh, Zaelia, Fragnance, Gingi and Meeres, will all be raiding with the newly formed guild Echo. Formed almost exclusively from the raiding roster of what was Method (World 2nd) in Ny’alotha, Echo will be hosting a RWF event for Castle Nathria. With many World Firsts under their belts, the raiders of Echo will certainly be a force to reckon with. Their roster also boasts a few more MDI competitors: Swag from Perplexed will be raiding with Echo, as will Clickz and Kurihunt from Deplete from Beyond, and Petko from The Boys.

The 3rd guild to defeat Mythic N’zoth this past tier was Pieces. Their raiding roster contains 3 long-time MDI pros, Sjeletyven (Paint for Fem), Canexx (Puolukka), and new EU convert Yoda, coming from the NA team Golden Guardians. Pieces has long been a staple of the RWF raiding scene, but in the past they have joined the events of other guilds or organizations. We have seen their organization grow this past year, and we are excited that they have announced they will be holding their own RWF event for Castle Nathria. Check out their stream to watch these powerhouse MDI players race for raiding glory with their guildmates!

Other notable MDI competitors from the EU that will be making waves during the Nathria RWF are Ashine (Perplexed), who raids with FatSharkYes (World rank 4), Igloo (Deplete from Beyond), who raids with MNM (previously known as PMA, World rank 15), and Fem (Paint for Fem), who will be joining the new rebuilding roster of Method. EU servers are also where you’ll be able to find the last member of the top NA team Golden Guardians, Jdotb. He announced a bit ago that he would be transferring to EU servers for personal reasons, and he has since landed with the guild Infinite. Check out their progress to keep an eye on him...they’re even letting him play Druid!

Since its inception, the competition within the MDI has grown exponentially. It is certainly not a leap to claim that many of the top MDI players are among the best WoW players in the world. We can see this from the sheer number of MDI competitors who will be among those players vying for World First with their respective guilds.

Keep that browser tab open to Raider.IO during the RWF for live coverage throughout the event, as well as leaderboards and up-to-date progression tracking for guilds the world over!

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