Sire Denathrius Heroic Survived 2 Days, Downed by Complexity Limit World First

Castle Nathria has been a very different raid on Heroic difficulty, as it lasted over 2 days! Usually, the end boss of a Heroic tier goes down after a relatively short time such as under 10 hours (especially the expansion starter bosses). In fact, the Heroic version of a raid is normally cleared first by a lesser-known guild, as the top guilds are busy gearing up with split raids to optimize their loot tables.

However, Nathria did not play out as we’d expect, as six of the ten bosses were so strong on Heroic that they got hit with some pretty solid nerfs earlier today. While these nerfs did not affect Sire Denathrius himself, it was actually reigning RWF champions Complexity Limit that were the first to kill the Heroic end boss this time. They even had a bit of trouble on Denathrius with some disconnect bugs slowing them down:

Obviously they didn’t do it for the "World First", but killing Heroic Sire Denathrius was just a part of their regular gearing progression and no one else had managed to finish it before them. They did have to go through some additional trouble, like crafting a few legendaries on alts and changing up how they were planning to do their split raids due to the surprising tuning of the expansion’s first Heroic raid, which should give you ample indication that the Heroic version of Castle Nathria is no joke. This means that less competitive guilds may be progressing on it for a while.

You can also check out Complexity Limit's full raid composition and more details here.

Limit wasn’t the only guild to clear the raid, as Echo (a raid team comprised of the majority of Method’s old roster) got the boss down less than an hour later. In this way, the Heroic edition of Nathria was like a mini RWF, despite neither of the guilds actually racing for it. Unfortunately, it seems that Echo used the first kill opportunity to test out some Mythic strategies, as they decided to down Sire Denathrius off-stream.

All of this certainly has us very excited for next week when the real Race to World First opens on Mythic difficulty and these guilds and many others go at it for real, putting forth all their efforts and bringing their full resources to bear in this first raid of the Shadowlands. We will be following the race live on Raider.IO and are immensely looking forward to it, and you can check out the many articles we've recently posted on the RWF to give you a better overview and understanding of the race before the real competition begins!

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