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Dec 6 2022 10:40 CET
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About Exitium

<Exitium> was founded in 2007, we’ve been around for quite some time, with a long raiding history. To see past and current progress, please visit our wowprogress page and/or raider.io.

We are only interested in recruiting players who excel at understanding boss mechanics, are able to perform efficiently in a raid setting, and whom are able to avoid lethal raid mechanics while playing their character well. New recruits are also expected to have near 100% raid attendance during their trial period.

M+ isn’t a mandatory event for the guild. but it’s something we love to do. and spect our recruits to be part of our M+ community.

Also we tend to do alt raids and off content on the weekend.

Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday: 8PM to 11 PM Central time

Our Goals: consistent progression towards Cutting Edge, Enjoy the game and Community.

What we expect from you: -Competent logs, Mythic Experience -You must have a working mic and be able to talk on discord -You must transfer to Mal’ganis to be on the team (if on a different server and cross realm mythic is open, you are allowed to come for 1 lockout then transfer).

Contact Us Raid Leader: Stoll – loraim#11921 Recruiting: Ferra - BulleTProoF#11771 feel free to join our discord and contact any of our officers. discord.gg/bCUev3

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Raid Progression

No raid progress found for expansion

RealmID: 396
GuildID: 1777