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Feb 1 2023 23:01 UTC
20 hours ago
About ButMahParse

About Us: ButMahParse is a newly-formed guild built upon the principles of having fun and respecting others. ButMahParse is not simply a guild, but a community of players who enjoy each other's time inside and outside of game. We do mythic+ throughout the week, raid, and have an active discord server. We are 9/10 heroic and currently looking to round out our team by adding a few more players looking to progress AOTC. Mythic Raiding, while not our current goal, may become an option in the future as a lot of our team has previous Mythic raiding experience.

Rules: Adults (18+) only Be considerate to your fellow guild members. We pull each other up, not the other way around.

Please contact Quincy#6877 on discord for information about raiding with us.

Currently looking for Warrior DPS as well as mages, warlocks, boomkins but all may apply.

Last updated 2 years ago

Raid Progression

We couldn't find any raid progression for that expansion.

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RealmID: 264
GroupID: 1298253
GuildID: 1331307