Raider.IO Push Week: the High Key Hustle is BACK!

We’re bringing back one of our favourite Raider.IO Push Week Events…the High Key Hustle! This next reset has some great affixes for pushing keys, so we wanted to bring you a Push Week competition that will also allow you to focus on pushing Score for those Tyrannical dungeons. It’s time to grab your friends, put on your dungeon pants, and start climbing those ladders!

We want to see who can achieve the highest scoring completed keystones, and we’re also going to be implementing a new system to the High Key Hustle this time, providing more chances for players to win prizes via the HKH Second Chance!

*Note: To enter this competition, you will need to join the #high-key-hustle channel of our Discord - more directions on How To Enter can be found below!

Table of Contents

How it Works & Two Ways to Win

Event Details

This event will take place on LIVE Servers, and the competition period will be from server reset to server reset next week: June 7 - 14 (NA/OCE) / June 8 - 15 (EU).

The HKH is open to all players who complete a keystone during the competition period in either the Americas/Oceania Region or the European Region, and keystones from both regions will be combined into one competition.

How To Win

There are TWO ways to win a prize during the High Key Hustle!

Highest Scoring Keystones

The six highest scoring keystones completed during the competition period will be crowned the champions of the High Key Hustle. The winning keystones must all be from different dungeons – this means that if the highest scoring keystone is a Plaguefall, no other Plaguefall runs will be eligible, and the next highest scoring run from a different dungeon will claim the next winning spot.

Keystone score is based on keystone level and completion time.

HKH Second Chance

An additional 20 players will win prizes via the NEW HKH Second Chance!

The High Key Hustle event is meant to encourage pushing the highest keystones possible, but we still want the competition to be accessible to the wider Mythic+ community. Every player that was a part of a keystone that has been successfully registered for the HKH will be automatically entered into the HKH Second Chance. After the competition period has ended, each player will be given a number of entries into the HKH Second Chance based on their individual highest keystone completed, and 20 players will be randomly selected as winners. The number of entries will be weighted exponentially, with the same calculations as the original Raider.IO Score, making it worth your while to still push as high as you can!

Note** - Players will only be entered into the HKH Second Chance upon successful registration of a keystone in the Raider.IO Discord. Successful registration requires that every player has their Discord account synced to their Raider.IO profile. If you want to register a PUG run, make sure you ask your party members to make sure they’re properly synced!


Only keystones properly registered via Discord will be eligible
for both the High Key Hustle and the HKH Second Chance.

Each member of the six groups crowned champions of the High Key Hustle, and the 20 individual players that win the HKH Second Chance, will be awarded with 60 days World of Warcraft Game Time! That’s 50 players winning a total of 3000 days of WoW - and a big shoutout to Blizzard for helping us with some of the prizing!

Once the winners have been determined, they will be announced via social media and in the Raider.IO Discord. Individual players will be contacted directly via Discord with redeemable codes for their prizes.

As per all of our Push Week events, each Account is only eligible for one prize. In order to ensure the integrity and fairness of the event, each group of players is only eligible to be considered the winners of one keystone, and any dungeon completed with minimum 3 of the same players will be considered the same group. A group will earn a prize if their registered keystone is among the 6 highest overall scores (with no duplicating dungeons), and if the same group ends the competition period with another run among the 6 highest scoring keystones in a secondary dungeon, that run will be considered ineligible and the next highest scoring keystone will be determined the winner. Additionally, any player that wins one of the prizes for the 6 highest completed keystone scores will become ineligible for a prize awarded via the HKH Second Chance.

High Key Hustle Streamers:

For this event, we’ve hooked up with some of your favourite Streamers and Content Creators that push high keystones. We’ll be featuring a new Streamer each day of the High Key Hustle, but here’s a list of some fantastic Streamers that you can watch this week as they compete for HKH glory!

StreamerLinksStream Focus
Megasett    High Mythic+ Keys, Multi-Class Healer, MW Monk Main
Plka    High-End Mythic+ and Raiding, Prot Warrior Main
JPC    RWF Raider, High Mythic+ Key Pusher, Rogue Main
Kalieyn    RWF Raider, Multi-Class Healer
Ramfam             High Mythic+ Key Pusher, Rogue Main
Gingi    RWF Raider, MDI Champion, Multi-Class DPS
Thaner    High Mythic+ Key Pusher, Multi-Class Healer


We strongly recommend that you run with the Raider.IO Live Tracking enabled in your client to ensure that all your runs are properly tracked and verified! Read more about this feature here.

  • Players must be in either the Americas & Oceania region or the Europe region.
  • Each Blizzard Account is only eligible for a single prize.
  • Winning dungeon runs must be properly entered into the Competition via Discord (see below).
  • In order to facilitate prizing, please ensure each member of your group has linked their Discord and BattleTag IDs to their Raider.IO User Profile. If we cannot get in touch with you, we cannot award you prizes!

The competition period lasts for the entire in-game weekly reset:

Americas & Oceania: June 7 - June 14
Europe: June 8 - June 15

Winners will be announced by June 25, 2022.

How To Enter

Entry for this competition will be based on the specific Keystone Run that you and your group complete. All individual players that are members of a successfully registered keystone will be automatically entered into the HKH Second Chance.

In order to enter the High Key Hustle and the HKH Second Chance, please follow these 5 steps:

  • Join the Raider.IO Discord and make your way to the #high-key-hustle-registration channel.
  • Link the URL of your Completed Keystone Run in the registration channel*.
  • Make sure each member of your party has their Discord and BattleTag IDs linked to their Raider.IO User Profiles, or your entry will not be accepted.
  • Once the Warchief Bot has confirmed your registration, you are good to go!
  • If you improve your score for any previously entered runs, simply enter again with the newer, higher-scoring run.

*In order to link the URL of your Completed Keystone Run, click on either the Rank, Dungeon, Level, or Time column in your specific run, and it will bring up the run-specific page. Example:

Do you have what it takes to be the Heroes of Halls of Atonement, the Saviors of Spires of Ascension, or the Defeaters of De Other Side? Assemble your squads, get pushing those keys and find out!

Questions? Check out our Twitter or join our Discord!

Looking for a Group to play with? The Mythic Plus Friends Discord has created a special channel specifically for this competition! Go check it out here.

Good luck to all competitors!