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The Raider.IO team relies on advertising to give you Raiding, Mythic+, and Recruitment features for free. Disable your ad blocker to support our work.
Alternatively, donate to the site through Patreon to disable ads & get extra perks.

Recruitment System Update: Mythic+ Teams, Fixes and Changes!

Two weeks ago, to coincide with our 5th Anniversary, we officially launched the public beta of the Raider.IO Recruitment System. Our main goal for this public beta phase is to get players and guilds to use the System and provide feedback on the user experience.

We are happy to report that many recruitment profiles have been created across players and guilds, and we’ve received substantial and informative feedback! The recruitment needs of the Warcraft Community are vast and diverse, and we have been overjoyed to see so many different recruitment perspectives represented in our Discord providing suggestions on how the System can be improved upon.

We have been working hard to implement a lot of this feedback to improve the Recruitment System, and today we are excited to share with you all of the updates and changes we’ve made, as well as the addition of Mythic+ Teams to the System, and more!

Mythic+ Teams, Now Live!

Now that we’ve had some time to ensure the Recruitment System is functioning as planned, and after making some key improvements based on your thoughtful feedback, we’re ready to enable recruitment for Mythic+ Teams!

Click here to register a Mythic+ Team. To read more about how the Mythic+ Team system works, check out our article here.

The functionality of Mythic+ Teams will mirror that of recruiting for -- or finding -- a Guild. A few key things to note is that you will need separate recruitment profiles if you are looking to join a Guild as well as a Mythic+ Team. You can have multiple profiles for the same character as long as they are for a different Activity type. As of right now, only the Captain of a Mythic+ Team will be able to use the Recruitment System to make a profile and find new members. Everything else will function the same, including searching, filtering, and the chat system!

The community has been requesting a way to recruit and find Mythic+ Teams and groups for a long time now, and we are very happy to be able to finally roll this feature out. We welcome further feedback in our Discord to ensure we meet everyone’s needs as best as possible!

Updates, Fixes and Changes


We launched the Recruitment System with the small selection of languages used by the World of Warcraft client. Early feedback helped us realize this needed to be expanded to serve the truly global player base. We are happy to report that the Recruitment System now supports 187 languages, including Sign Language!


We made a number of fixes to the Advanced Search system over the first two weeks:

  • Added: Pagination was added to allow you to more easily navigate through all of your search results.
  • Added: Profile Search will now restrict the results it shows to only ones where they match your configured requirements, and you match their configured requirements.
  • Added: You can now sort the results of a profile search. You're able to sort by one or more fields by holding down shift while tapping the headers. Note: Relevance scoring is disabled when doing a custom sort. To see relevance after sorting, just click your profile again from the "Filter by Recruitment Profile" menu.
  • Fixed: Profile Search no longer filters out matches where your schedule was not completely contained by theirs. Now matches that have intersecting times will show, but matches where your schedule fully contains their schedule (e.g. you can Raid from 7pm - 11pm and their raid schedule is 7pm - 10pm) will be weighed higher in relevancy.
  • Fixed: A number of ad-hoc Advanced Search recruitment filters weren’t working at launch, including character Main Spec & Off Spec. We also added Class as a type of recruitment filter.
  • Fixed: Links to guilds on recruitment search were not linking the proper entity.


We made a number of changes to the Scheduling aspect of the Recruitment System, including bug fixes and tweaks based on your feedback:

  • Fixed: We addressed some time zone issues that were causing the times you entered to not behave as intended.
  • Changed: For players that use 24 hour time, “00:00” as an end time is now formatted as “24:00” to avoid confusion.
  • Changed: You can now select time ranges in 15-minute increments (was 30-minute).
  • Added: Added a time zone indicator to a recruitment profile when you hover over it (bottom left). This way you know which time zone the times are being shown in.

Note: You can choose between using 12 or 24 hour time on your profiles and throughout the site as a whole via the Date & Time settings menu, which can be accessed here.

PSA: You can type directly into the time fields to make it easier to find your specific entries as opposed to only being able to use the drop-down menu. Additionally, we would like to highlight that there is a little “copy” icon to the right of a row in the schedule builder that you can click to apply that row’s start and end times to every day you have enabled.


  • Changed: Made it so that you can apply to a guild even if your schedules only overlap (rather than are fully contained).
  • Changed: Many overall site performance improvements!
  • Fixed: Guild pages will not show a "Recruitment" button if they are not looking for players.
  • Fixed: Various profile editor fields should be properly clamped to sane ranges (so you can't enter -1 as a progress requirement).
  • Fixed: Sometimes when loading the Recruit/Apply modal your profiles would be invisible.

More to Come!

We are constantly working on improving the Recruitment System, and we thoroughly appreciate the feedback we have received so far. We are glad to see so many people giving the system a try and we are listening to what you have to say. We plan to continue to evolve and improve the system, and we already have some neat additions on the way…but we’ll have to tell you about those later! We hope that together we can make recruiting an easy and convenient task. This game is at its best when enjoyed with friends… let us help make that happen!