Compete in the Raider.IO High Key Hustle!

This next reset brings with it some great affixes, so you know what that means... It's time to push those keystones, climb the ladders, and compete in the Raider.IO High Key Hustle! We want to see who can achieve the highest scoring completed keystones during this week of Fortified, Bursting, Volcanic, and Prideful. Gather your friends, make your routes, and compete for the top spot in your region!

How it Works:

This event will take place on LIVE servers, and the competition period will be from server reset to server reset the following week.

The competition is open to all players who complete a keystone during the competition period in either the Americas/Oceania Region or the European Region. The regions will be combined to create one competition, with the highest scoring keystone of each dungeon earning a prize.

Through the course of the competition period, all completed keystones will be automatically entered into the competition. There is no need to be on or register a team. Winning groups will be determined shortly after the competition period has ended.

We recommend that you run with Raider.IO Live Tracking enabled to ensure that all your runs are tracked! Read more about this feature here.

How to Win:

This affix combination represents the première Push Week this Season, so we’re looking for the cream of the crop! After the competition period has ended, the highest scoring keystone in each dungeon for the week will be deemed the winning run for that dungeon.

This gives us a potential of 40 winners across the 8 dungeons, but each account is only eligible for one prize, so even if one player has participated in multiple winning keystones, they will only receive one prize total.

Keystone score is based on keystone level and completion time.


Each member of the winning groups will be awarded with one Blizzard store mount each!

Only the players that participated in the winning keystone runs will receive a prize. If any players are a part of the winning group for more than one dungeon, they will only receive one prize. Each Blizzard Account is only eligible for a single prize.


Players must be in either the Americas & Oceania region or the European region. The regions will be combined for the purposes of the competition, but only these regions are eligible.

The competition period lasts for the entire in-game weekly reset:

Americas & Oceania: March 2nd - March 9th
Europe: March 3rd - March 10th

Winners will be announced by March 12th.

Assemble your squads and get ready to push those keys!

Questions? Check out our Twitter or join our Discord!

Good luck to all competitors!