World First Mythic +23 Cleared by Chinese Team

We have the very first Mythic +23 keystone clear of Shadowlands, as a Chinese team has taken down the Halls of Atonement with almost 2 minutes to spare! We spotted the run thanks to many of the top players in China now running with the Raider.IO Live Tracking feature (which we recently announced and detailed), and it allows us to view their Mythic+ and raid progress even though there's no supported API in China. So this is the first of many other firsts we'll get to see from the region!

Since we haven't quite found a video of the run yet, here's our resident Mythic+ expert Dratnos to analyze the run a little:

Dratnos' Thoughts
The World First +23 featured some surprises and some things that were to be expected. The dungeon, Halls of Atonement, is one of the best dungeons for keystone pushing, both in terms of difficulty and the timer. The tank, Vengeance Demon Hunter, is also no surprise, as Vengeance is the spec of choice for almost every top group due to its exceptional survivability when it has defensives up, its high damage that can be extremely front-loaded with Elysian Decree to gain threat, and its ability to kite easily if needed.

In the Healer role, the Discipline priest is the most off-meta pick for live keys, where specs like Resto Shaman and to a lesser extent Holy Paladin dominate the ladder. Disc has always been best on weeks like this with no additional healing required from the affixes, and the Power Infusion they bring can add tremendous damage over the course of a run, especially when put on a Combusting Fire Mage, which this group (like most other top groups) also features. The Balance Druid is also a common choice, bringing huge utility in the form of Force of Nature and Innervate, and solid damage. Outlaw Rogue is also doing well this season, and in this comp it rounds out the Covenant suite by playing Necrolord, though it's surprising to see Bonesmith Heirmir as the Soulbind choice rather than Emeni!

And it should go without saying, but we congratulate the whole team on their success!