Compete in the Pre-Patch Push Event and Win Prizes!

To commemorate the launch of our new Mythic+ Teams Feature, we are hosting a small Mythic+ Dungeon event: The Pre-Patch Push.

In this event, registered teams on EU and US regions on Raider.IO will compete to earn the most points over the course of a single week in any of three brackets. At the close of the event, the top qualifying team from each of those brackets will be crowned that bracket’s champions for the week!

What prizes can we win?

Other than epic bragging rights, each qualifying member of the winning teams will earn one of the following prizes, based on the bracket they placed in:

BracketPrize for each qualifying member
GoldBlizzard Store Pet of your Choice
PlatinumBlizzard Store Mount of your Choice
DiamondShadowlands Heroic Edition

All prizes can be substituted for equivalent value in Blizzard Balance.

To qualify for prizes, members of the winning team must have completed at least one of the tracked runs with the team during the event week. Each Blizzard Account is only eligible for a single prize.

Due to limitations with how the Shadowlands Pre-Patch Mythic Plus data is stored in the API, we are, unfortunately, not able to reliably include the Bronze and Silver brackets as part of this competition. In standard Shadowlands season this will not be a problem and we look forward to having all brackets included in the future!

When is the event?

The Pre-Patch Push takes place in the US and EU regions over the course of the Fortified, Teeming, Quaking week:

  • US Region: November 10th - 17th
  • EU Region: November 11th - 18th

This event will last the course of the full week’s reset.

Winners will be announced on our Twitter by November 20th.

How do we qualify?

To qualify you’ll just need to register a team on Raider.IO and then respond to our contest entry tweet with a link to your team and the hashtag #raiderioteams.

As your team runs dungeons through the course of the week your team’s score for that week will increase, then at the end of the week the top team from the bracket you’ve qualified for will be crowned the winner!

You can see your placement on the bracket leaderboards by following the leaderboard links below:

BracketMax Keystone LevelsLeaderboard Link
Gold+16-20View Bracket
Platinum+21-25View Bracket
Diamond26+View Bracket

Note: Your weekly bracket is determined by the highest key your team ran during that week. So, if you want to compete in the Gold Bracket you will want to make sure that your team doesn’t run any dungeons higher than level 20 during the week!

Good luck!