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Guild is missing from the Blizzard API as of
Feb 4 2023 09:00 EST
3 days ago
About Voyager

There’s coffee in that nebula!

Voyager is looking for heroic raiders and M+ players for Shadowlands. Our goal is to push content in a relaxed but efficient environment.

We are horde side Aggramar, and raid Tues/Friday @ 6:30pm server (central). We are a heroic guild – our goal is to get AotC, then down as many mythic bosses as we can without hitting a wall or getting frustrated; we aren’t looking to no life anything. We love pushing content and are also very much altoholics.

Contact Saltare#1876 for more info.

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Raid Progression

We couldn't find any raid progression for that expansion.

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RealmID: 250
GroupID: 1257783
GuildID: 1290994