RaiderIO Desktop Client Version 1.4.0 Released

We're happy to announce the release of a new RaiderIO Desktop Client version (1.4.0) with an install/uninstall bug fix and a quality of life feature for viewing your characters.

Both of these changes were developed by Aveline! 🎉


Columns are now sortable in the client dashboard! This means you can sort your character list by name, raid progress, item level, or Mythic+ score. Your sort order and direction will be maintained across launches.

BUGFIX (Windows Only)

Fixed an issue where a dangling registry key was left behind, preventing a full uninstall and sometimes reinstall. In a previous build of the client there was a change from a library we depend upon that caused a "ghost" uninstall entry to still remain after the app was already uninstalled. This would also sometimes cause reinstallation to fail.

About the RaiderIO Client

  • Saves you time by automatically keeping your RaiderIO Addon up to date.
  • Helps you keep tabs on your scores across all of your characters in a single Dashboard.
  • Keeps your score database fresh with twice daily updates (8 times per day for Exalted Patrons!).
  • Works on Windows and Mac

👉 Download the RaiderIO Client here