The Race to World First Awards!

The Race to World First has become one of the most exciting competitions in gaming. There are very few things that bring the WoW community together like the RWF. Players and fans of all aspects of the game, and even those that have stopped playing, come together from all corners of the globe to watch as the best players in the world race to be the first to complete brand-new raid content on its highest difficulty. At Raider.IO, we are passionate about the Race to World First and doing what we can to continue to make it an amazing community event. We are privileged and honoured to be able to partner with the guilds and organizations that run live events, and to provide a home-base for all fans to access the latest RWF news and data.

Now that the Sepulcher of the First Ones RWF is in its final days, we are thrilled to announce the first ever Raider.IO Race to World First Awards! We want to celebrate the RWF in every way possible, so we’re establishing a series of Awards for the community to vote on to decide on some of the best and most favourite moments of the Race!

The Awards categories and Nominees are listed below, with links and photos to help you make your decision on who should win! As this is the first ever Race to World First Awards, we’re starting small with only a handful of Awards, but we plan to build on it for the next Race. Do you have any suggestions or ideas for Awards categories for us for the future? Head on over to our Twitter and let us know!

To vote on the RWF Awards, click here - voting closes in 48 hours, so get your votes in soon!

Best Hair Award

The Nominees for the Award for Best Hair of the Race to World First are:

Zaelia    Meeix    ChampsDoctorioSloot
EchoLiquidSK PiecesAversionBDGG

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Best Caster Team Award

The RWF Events are brought to life by the talented and entertaining Casters, and you get to vote on which Guild/Organization had the best crew!

The Nominees for the Award for Best Caster Team of the Race to World First are:


Liquid brought back many of their tried and true Casters for this Race to World First, who were joined by a handful of talent new to the Liquid desk. The Liquid Caster team included Eiya, Veyloris, Jet, Kams, Preheat, Meeix, Kalamazi, Crzypck, Xyronic, Naguura, and Lulaboo!


Echo had a fabulous Caster lineup made up of Steakloins, Dratnos, Preach, Alex of FatBossTV, Tettles, Okaymage, and surprise Guest Caster Gingi!


Method had a Caster lineup that was a continuous source of memes, good fun, and hyped up casting. If you vote for Method, you're voting for MrGM, Kexman, Darkmech, Cellux, Tactyks, N_Tys, Grant, Barndoorr, Partypetee, Shejkin, Tokaine, Konah, and Athalus of WarcraftRadio!


Aversion put on their standard all-German language broadcast, and they were fortunate enough to be able to return to a LAN event for this Race. Their Casters definitely got up to some shenanigans, such as costumes and dying their hair! The Aversion lineup included Doctorio, Knoff, Fanasia, Amdar, Senfi, and Ponky!

SK Pieces

SK Pieces had a handful of Hosts and on-air talent on location at the SK Gaming center in Berlin, Germany, who were joined remotely by a fantastic and diverse squad of Casters to bring you all of the SK Pieces RWF action! The SK Pieces talent included Psybearslat, Lara Lunardi, Lythi, MrGM, DesMephisto, Megasett, Herudra, Grant, Darcey, Konazb, JustRuss, Max, Hippo, Viserio, Hulahoops, Kexman, and MadSkillz!

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Best Halondrus Meme Award

As the guilds battled through the Sepulcher of the First Ones, things appeared to be moving along at a pretty swift pace. That is, however, until our RWF competitors found themselves face-to-face with Halondrus the Reclaimer, who proved to be an unexpectedly difficult foe. The 7th boss of an 11 boss raid is not typically overly arduous, but Halondrus decided to be the exception to that rule. Most guilds took well over 300 pulls to down this giant mechanical crab-like thing, with some taking even more. As a result of this surprise twist in the RWF, the community did what it does best: memed about it.

The Nominees for the Award for Best Halondrus Meme of the Race to World First are:

"The Wall" by BDGG"Halondrus Rave" by Liquid/Waveform
"Crab Shank Buff" by Raider.IO"Phase 4" by Zorbrix
"Grant+Crab=Grab" by Grant/Method

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Best Production Team Award

Every single RWF Event Production brought something unique to the table, and every Guild/Organization involved put in countless hours of backbreaking work to put on an incredible show. A huge shout-out to everyone working behind the scenes to make these Productions happen, you're the real MVPs! That being said, only one Production can win the Award for being the community's favourite.

The Nominees for the Award for Best Production Team of the Race to World First are:

GUILD/ORGLiquid / WaveformEcho / BDGGMethodAversionSK Pieces
TWITTERLiquid / WaveformEchoGuild / BDGGMethodAversionSK Pieces

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Funniest Death Award

Some deaths during Mythic progression are just tragic, while others... others are hilarious! We've compiled some of what we think are the funniest deaths streamed live during the RWF Events, so take a look at the Nominees in the video below to decide which you think should win!

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Best Nerd Scream Award

There's nothing quite as epic as that kill you've been working towards for hours, days, for hundreds of pulls... and nothing quite like the amazing Nerd Screams that follow when that difficult boss finally falls. For the final Race to World First Award, we are asking you to vote on which guild you think had the most epic of Nerd Screams. Check out the video below to see (and hear) the Nominees...and you might want to check your volume levels first!

Language warning: some adult language in the below video

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That's all of the Awards Categories and Nominees for the inaugural Raider.IO Race to World First Awards. You have 48 hours to vote, and winners will be announced on our Twitter, so keep your eyes peeled...and thank you for being a part of the RWF Awards! Congratulations to all of the Guilds, Organizations, Production Staff, Talent, and Behind the Scenes Personnel for putting on yet another incredible Race to World First!