Introducing: Raidle.IO - a Daily Word Game!

NOTE* - While this Article was intended as an April Fool's joke (sadly, there is no Raidle Race to World First), Raidle.IO itself will continue to be available with a new Raidle to play every day! Get your Raidle on!

All of the one-shots, close calls, and world first kills that made up the Sepulcher of the First Ones RWF are now in our rear-view, and with all of our newfound free time, we have completed a brand new and exciting feature that we’ve had in the works for a while now! We are beyond thrilled to announce the launch of Raidle.IO, a brand-new Warcraft-inspired Word Game!

What is Raidle.IO?

Raidle.IO is a new Word Game where you try to guess the Warcraft-inspired word in as few guesses as possible, via process of elimination. For each guess you make, a box will turn either Grey, Orange or Green. If the box turns Grey, that Word does not contain that letter. If it turns Orange, the Word does contain that letter, but in a different location. If it turns Green, you guessed a correct letter in the correct spot!

You can play Raidle.IO on your web browser or your mobile phone, and once you’ve solved a Raidle, it’s easy to share your results with your friends on Twitter, Discord, or other social media. There’s bragging rights at stake here!

Each day will bring a brand new Raidle… can you figure it out before you run out of guesses?

COMING SOON: Raidle.IO Rankings

It wouldn’t be a Raider.IO feature without Leaderboards! Want to see how your Raidle.IO prowess stacks up against fellow “Raidlers” around the world? When you’re logged into your Raider.IO profile, your Raidle.IO games will automatically be scored and ranked. Check out other players’ Raidle.IO games and scores, and learn their strategies!

Leaderboards will be separated by Region, so you can compare yourself against other players around you, or the entire world! Do you think you have what it takes to earn the top spot as the Rank 1 Raidle.IO player?

COMING SOON: Raidle.IO Recruitment

There’s nothing quite like playing games with your closest friends, and that remains true with Raidle.IO! With our upcoming Raidle.IO Recruitment feature, you’ll be able to find like-minded Raidlers. Form teams and climb your way up the Raidle.IO Team Leaderboards, or find players to challenge directly and earn extra Raidle.IO Challenge Points!

Friends don’t let friends Raidle alone!

DON’T MISS OUT: The Raidle Race to World First

Keep your eyes out for our upcoming announcement for details on how to compete in, or watch, the epic Raidle Race to World First (RRWF). The best Raidlers in the world will compete in team and head-to-head showdowns each day to see who can be the first in the world to solve the daily Raidle!

We’re sure to see a lot of familiar names and organizations taking part in the RRWF, so get ready to cheer on your favourite squads…or start forming your own to compete for Raidle.IO glory!

TRY IT NOW: Raidle.IO is LIVE!

You can play Raidle.IO on your web browser or your mobile phone or tablet by clicking here, or you can give it a try right here: