Your Shadowlands Season 1 Recap!

Patch 9.1 will be launching in just one week’s time, and with it comes the close of Season 1 of Shadowlands. Season 2 will roll out after a brief pre-season, but we wanted to take this opportunity to look back at this first Season of the expansion by providing you with your very own personalized Shadowlands Season 1 Recap!

Like we did for Battle for Azeroth, we have put together a personalized review where you can see your statistics and data with regards to Mythic+ and Castle Nathria progression across your entire account! Find out how many keystones you ran, how many covenants you swore allegiance to, and which friends you played with the most...create your own Shadowlands Season 1 Recap today by clicking the link below!

What’s Included?

When you generate your personalized Shadowlands Season 1 Recap, you’ll get to see various statistics we’ve collected across your account for both Mythic+ and Castle Nathria progression. Dratnos has put together a video going over the Recap and its features:

Here's more details on each of the sections included in the Shadowlands Season 1 Recap:

This will show you how many times and on which difficulties you have killed each boss in Castle Nathria. Simply mouseover the icon for each boss and the tooltip will appear showing you the breakdown of your kills on that boss specifically.

Curious to see just how long it took you to clear Castle Nathria on all of the difficulties? Mouseover the difficulty bars and you can see how long it took you to clear the raid on each difficulty, down to the second! It will also show you how many weekly raid resets that time accounts for.

Many of us enjoy playing alts and off-specs in Mythic+ dungeons throughout a Season. Curious to see how many dungeons you’ve done as each specialization across your entire account? We’ve got you covered! Were you a slave to the meta this Season, or did you complete, for example, over 150 dungeons as... a Holy Priest?

Specific to Shadowlands, we’ve also tracked your Covenant progression across your account. Which of the four Covenants have you sworn allegiance to? Are you a Vampire-in-Training, a Child of the Grove, or have you been splitting your time amongst the various factions? Mouseover each Covenant icon to see the Renown levels of all of your characters!

Shadowlands has 8 different dungeons across the zones. It’s been a fairly long Season, with lots of time to run Mythic+ keystones. Find out how many times you’ve run each dungeon across your entire account, and what percentage of those you managed to complete in time!

A new feature we’ve added in the personalized Recap is your .IO Score Evolution! This neat little graph will show you how your .IO Score has increased over the entire Season. Mouseover each bar in the graph to show your .IO Score as it grew and which week of the Season you had that particular .IO Score!

Of course, the most important part of Mythic+ is the friends you take with you! Take a look back and remember the players you did the most keystones with. Did you stick with the same people all Season, or did you find yourself with a new team each time?

What are you waiting for? Create your Shadowlands Season 1 Recap today!