Your Raider.IO Battle for Azeroth Review

We are approaching the very end of the Battle for Azeroth expansion, and we thought it would be great to provide a way for every player to look back over all that they've accomplished in Raids & Mythic+ over the course of the entire expansion. So we built this tool as a send-off to Battle for Azeroth itself.

With the Battle for Azeroth Review you get to see your own personalized statistics for Raids and Mythic+ across your entire account. The review has various categories, such as number of raid bosses killed per raid, your most used specs in Mythic+, and even the other players you've played the most with over the seasons! We'll be going through all the features here, but you can create your own at any point by clicking the link below!

The Stats in a BFA Review

Clicking the link above will guide you through a very simple process to have you looking at your own stats in no time. And what might those stats be? Well, let's take a look, using Dratnos' BFA Review as an example.

First off there's the classic stat, bosses killed, featuring all the BFA raids. You get to check out how many times you've beaten a specific raid's bosses on each difficulty and in total. This includes how many times you've defeated each boss across all of your alts as well!

Then it's on to your actual time spent with each raid, specifically how long it took you to defeat every boss in the raid on the highest difficulty that you've fully cleared.

Mythic+ arrives next, as you can take a look at the number of M+ runs you've done by season and by keystone range (2-9, 10-14, 15-20 and 20+). You also get to check out the total runs you've done... and a stat you might not want to dwell on too long: the total time you've spent running Mythic+ (in-time and over time keys).

Your Mythic+ spec distribution comes next, as you can check out which classes and specs you've run most of M+ on, as well as how many runs you've finished on each! You might not get quite the same assessment Dratnos did, however.

The next block is a big one, as you can take a look at your Mythic+ account scores: your combined score from all your characters in each season. This block also shows the affix combination you ran the most keys with across the entire expansion. You can also hover over each season to see the week in that season where you ran the most keys, along with your in-time % for that week!

We couldn't leave out the individual dungeons themselves, as you can also look at which ones you've frequented most often, the number of runs and in-time % for each, as well as your closest calls and fastest completions! (You can also click the dungeon name to view the run directly)

And finally, we have a really great stat, as you can check out the top 5 players you played with most in Mythic+, the number of runs you did with each of them, as well as the total number of players you played with! You can also click the season links to see how your Top 5 Mythic+ Buddies changed across the seasons.

You can also check out Dratnos' video on the subject, as he goes through his stats (from a beta build, so they won't be 100% accurate):

So, what are you waiting for?