Bloodlust.IO Mythic+ Tournament: Details!

Last month, we helped to announce the intrepid return of the Bloodlust.IO Mythic+ Tournament! The 3-day event starts in just a few days, on Friday, May 14th. It runs until Sunday, May 16th when the Bloodlust.IO Champion will be crowned! Make sure to tune in on Twitch starting at 9am PST/6pm CEST all weekend.

This time we’re bringing you some more details on the event, including information about the teams, the brackets, and the affixes! Read on to learn more about all of the Mythic+ excitement you can expect all weekend.

The Teams

There are a total of 8 teams competing in the 2021 Bloodlust.IO Mythic+ Tournament (BMT). Teams were given the opportunity to register for a spot in the event, and were selected based on their Raider.IO scores. The lucky 8 squads that get to compete for glory are:

  • Reload Fulcrum
  • Herp Derp
  • My Bad Supongo
  • Team Noname
  • Caronte Gaming
  • Team Xuxa
  • INMH
  • Sloth

As you are likely aware, the Bloodlust.IO community and tournament is specifically geared towards Spanish players. All of the participating teams are Spanish teams, and the event itself is broadcasted in Spanish. Bloodlust.IO is extremely proud that three of the above teams participated in the 2021 Mythic Dungeon International, showcasing to the entire world the prowess of the Spanish Mythic+ community! These teams are:

  • Caronte Gaming: formerly known as The Pitu’s Angels, and winners of the first edition of the Bloodlust.IO Mythic+ Tournament, they were the very first Spanish team to participate in an MDI Cup.
  • Reload Fulcrum: despite being a recently created team, they managed to qualify and participate in the MDI in two separate Cups this season.
  • Sloth: the third Spanish team to participate in the MDI, and they were also the first to win a match!

To learn more about the teams and the players, click here to read about them on the Bloodlust.IO website.

The Bracket

For the 2021 edition of the BMT, a Lower Bracket is being added, giving teams a second opportunity to make their way to the finals. The format is thus double elimination, which will allow us to enjoy more exciting matches than ever before in the BMT!

The Dungeons and Affixes

Interesting to note about the Dungeon pool and affixes, Theater of Pain and Mists of Tirna Scithe do not appear to be on the list of affixes. We have been told that due to the fact that the maze in Mists of Tirna Scithe will remain random as it is on live, the BMT team has opted to remove it from the pool to keep balance, and anywhere it is listed it will be replaced by Sanguine Depths.

To learn more about the tournament and the amazing people involved, check out the Bloodlust.IO Website here and make sure to follow Bloodlust.IO on Twitter.

About the Author

Hulahoops has been playing WoW since Vanilla. If she’s not leading her Mythic Progression guild TBD through raids, she’s probably practicing for the MDI with her team Angry Toast. Hulahoops is a Holy Paladin in every sense of the term: she moderates the Hammer of Wrath Paladin Class Discord, and she was a practicing Lawyer for the last 7 years. Judgment isn’t just a spell! Hulahoops recently decided to put the law books away and follow her passion for esports by joining the team at RaiderIO and is now working as the Production Manager. She is also passionate about making Azeroth an inclusive, welcoming space for all gamers and is a proud co-founder of the Defias Sisterhood community.